Documenting My Splinterlands Knowledge - Abilities, Interactions, and Strategies Part 10

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Hello there.

In my last post I discussed some of the card abilities, interactions, and common strategies. This is part 10 in this series of posts. Let's get to it.


SneakWeak AgainstGood AgainstGood With
Sneak.JPGCamouflage.JPG Retaliate.JPG Taunt.JPG Triage.JPG Protect.JPGLast Stand.JPGSneak.JPG Blast.JPG

Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster. Sneak cannot hit enemies with Camouflage, unless they're in the first position. Taunt counters Sneak since it makes the Sneak monster target the Taunt monster. Triage can mitigate some of the damage of Sneak since it can heal the backline. Since there are a lot of Melee monsters with Sneak, Retaliate can be an underrated counter to it. It is especially effective during the "Up Close and Personal" and "Super Sneak" rulesets. Protect can be a small counter to Sneak, since the additional armor can buy additional time against physical damage Sneaks.

Since Sneak targets the last position monster, it is a good counter to the Last Stand ability, whose monsters are usually placed at the last position. A good strategy in Splinterlands is to focus your damage. If you have a Sneak monster, it could be ideal to put in more Sneak monsters to focus and kill 1 target immediately. Sneak can be good with Blast since you can deal additional damage to the backline.


SnipeWeak AgainstGood AgainstGood With
Snipe.JPGCamouflage.JPG Taunt.JPG Triage.JPG Protect.JPG-Blast.JPG Oppress.JPG Snipe.JPG

Targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position. Snipe is similar to Sneak with regards to its weakness against Camouflage, Taunt, Triage, and Protect. Like Sneak, multiple Snipe abilities work well together to focus the damage. Snipe can be better than Sneak in utilizing Blast, since Snipe can actually hit the 2nd-5th position and hit more units. Some tank units have high HP but no attack, and are used in the 2nd position during the "Keep Your Distance" and "Target Practice" rulesets. This is where Oppress comes in handy in dealing with them quickly.


StrengthenWeak AgainstGood AgainstGood With
Strengthen.JPGCripple.JPG Dispel.JPG Weaken.JPGBlast.JPG Redemption.JPG Weaken.JPGTank Heal.JPG Heal.JPG Triage.JPG

All friendly Monsters have increased Health. Strengthen temporarily increases the HP of allies by 1, while the monster is still alive. It can be Dispelled, and Cripple can lower the max HP. Weaken negates it by reducing the HP by 1, so Strengthen can be good or weak against it depending on the perspective. Strengthen can help allies survive against the Blast or Redemption damage. Since Strengthen increases the HP, it works well with Heal, Tank Heal, and Triage that calculate the heal amount based on max HP.


StunWeak AgainstGood AgainstGood With
Stun.JPGCleanse.JPG Resurrect.JPGHeal.JPG Recharge.JPGKnockout.JPG

When a Monster with Stun hits a target, it has a chance to stun the target causing it to skip its next turn. Stun can be Cleansed. A Resurrected monster is also cleansed of its stun, so it can attack upon revival if its turn is not yet over. Stun can stop the activation of Heal, and resets the charged attack of Recharge. Knockout deals additional damage to Stunned opponents so it is a perfect partner to Stun.


SwiftnessWeak AgainstGood AgainstGood With
Swiftness.JPGDispel.JPG Slow.JPG True Strike.JPGSlow.JPGBackfire.JPG Blast.JPG Blind.JPG Dodge.JPG Enrage.JPG Flying.JPG Phase.JPG Swiftness.JPG

All friendly Monsters have increased Speed. Swiftness can be Dispelled. Slow negates the Speed increase by decreasing the opponent's Speed, so it can be good or weak against each other depending on perspective. True Strike makes sure even if there is a large Speed difference, the attack will always hit. One Speed difference increases the miss chance by 10 percent. This is why there are strategies that involve increasing the miss chance of opponents. This can be done by using multiple Swiftness abilities, as well as using abilities like Blind, Dodge, Enrage, and Flying. Phase lets your monster evade Magic attacks as well. Backfire deals damage when opponents miss. In the "Explosive Weaponry" ruleset, it can be beneficial to attack first to try and kill as many opponents quickly as possible using the Blast damage. Some popular strategies include Jacek with a lot of Swiftness monsters, and Coeurl Lurker + Skargore with Swiftness monsters.


TauntWeak AgainstGood AgainstGood With
Taunt.JPGBlast.JPG Affliction.JPG Cripple.JPG Fury.JPG Scattershot.JPGOpportunity.JPG Snipe.JPG Sneak.JPG Blast.JPGCleanse.JPG Tank Heal.JPG Triage.JPG Reflection Shield.JPG Repair.JPG Resurrect.JPG Void Armor.JPG Camouflage.JPG

All enemy Monsters target this Monster (if they are able to). Taunt monsters are usually supported, so Affliction and Cripple that counter Heals are good against it. Fury is the best counter to Taunt since they have increased damage against it. Scattershot is not tied down by the Taunt. Blast can be good or bad against Taunt, depending on whether the Taunt user prepared for it. Taunt is weak against Blast when the monsters next to it cannot deal with the Blast damage. Taunt is good against Blast when the adjacent monster is equipped to survive against it [Reflection Shield, Heal, Void, or Shield are good abilities]. Sneak, Snipe, and Opportunity are all affected by Taunt.

Because of the Blast ability, Reflection Shield is a perfect combination with Taunt. Camouflage is also good with Taunt since it solves the Scattershot weakness that Taunt has. The typical strategy is to have multiple support abilities working with Taunt to help it survive long enough and win. These include Cleanse, Tank Heal, Triage, Repair, and Resurrect. Finally, having Void Armor is good so the Taunt monster can block all types of attack.

SPL Separator.JPG

There are a lot of card abilities so I'll stop here for now. I'll continue the topic in my next post. Feel free to inform me of any interactions or strategies that I might have overlooked.

And as always, these are Not Financial Advice, and Do Your Own Research.

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