Splinterlands Art Contest // Week 173// Lyanna Natura

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Hello guys, how R U today? I hope all of you are in Great condition. today I'm going to join the weekly art contest again. in this opportunity I use Lyanna Natura as my main target. please Upvote if you like guys hehe. here we go...
this is the result :

Tak berjudul405_20220113152731.png
Tak berjudul405_20220113152750.png

this is the process

Tak berjudul401_20220113153228.png

Tak berjudul401_20220113153130.png

Tak berjudul401_20220112160941.png

Tak berjudul401_20220112161011.png

Tak berjudul401_20220112161224.png

Tak berjudul405_20220113152932.png

Tak berjudul405_20220113152731.png

Tak berjudul405_20220113152750.png
I try 2 emotions, I don't know which one is really good. so I post both of them haha 🤣. That's all from me. see you in the next week 😁.


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Daaaaamn.... As an anime lover I'm stunned with these very awesomely done artwork! You definitely stays on top! Beautiful! heres a 100% for you bud. Keep on sharing ..
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Thanks my broski, I'm Happy when You love it ^_^


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It's really amazing!!
I love it!!

thanks brother ^_^

Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

damn she looks beautiful!
kinda wonder how his husband aggroedius lightbringer looks like

What tools/program do you use the create this? love the sky and leaves effect

i'm using ibis paint bro

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good drawing! i love the composition and palette color! my favorite of this week so far :D

love it, its got even a dynamic angle

It is incredibly beautiful, I loved it. They fascinated my eyes and the way she raises her hand towards us. His drawing is very beautiful

That is such a cool work of art! I really like the colors and how it looks like an anime character!
Thanks for sharing it!

Keep up the great work! And have a great day!


The perspective of the illustration and the colors are so vivid, I love this work! Good luck to you in the contest ♥