Spirit Druid Grog Giveaway!

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Spirit Druid Grog Giveaway

Would love to meet this dude and eat some mushrooms with him, I am sure we would have a wonderful time! I personally do not use this card a lot but who knows it will get some use in the future.

Ok you know the drill:
💬 Comment and you will enter the #splinterlands magic wheel.

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Please include in your comment if you gonna reblog and/or upvote so I have the right amount of entries without checking all those things, thank you!

Also I am doing these manual so you can reply more times as much as you like but it won't get you any more entries.

Winner of Zalran Efreet

Shout out to:
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Congratulations @leonardohwang! Your new best friend is on it's way!

Thank you for your time and see you on the other site👀


I would like to participate in the contest for Spirit Druid Grog.

A few people not tagged by you but might be interested in this giveaway: @dudeontheweb and @patrickulrich

Congratulations to @leonardohwang!


Here's another giveaway, @pixiepost

Woo hoo! Thank you, my friend! I appreciate you keeping me in the loop! He he between the two of us, we will find all the awesome contests ha ha ;) 💜

Tagging @pixiepost hoping she wins 😃!

Upvoted and reblogged

You are too sweet!! If either of us wins, I will be happy :)

Hahaha thanks, you are such a sweetie as well 🙂

thanks for the contest @pacolimited i want in, and i think @vanderwoods1 would like this too. (i'll be upvoting and reposting too)
congrats again @leonardohwang #Spartans

soon one of us will be at the druid campfire like...

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Thanks for doing a giveaway :) Upvoted!

Voted, reblogged and tagging @thegcc

I would like to join your raffle. I have also upvoted your post 100% (though I only have a little Hive Power right now). 😅

Maybe @globetrottergcc would be interested to join, but because of his very strong deck of cards, he probably doesn't need to join. 😆

Another great card giveaway, thank you @pacolimited!

Upvoted and reblogged, I mention @cryptofiloz.

I don't use it either, but maybe in the future?

Great game o hope nft goes moon

Congratulations to @leonardohwang! Enjoy your awesome card :)

Thank you to @theroad2freedom for tagging me as well as yourself @pacolimited. These are awesome contests...

I will put my hat in the ring (@pixiepost) but also tag @cryptofiloz & @joetunex as well :) 💚

Thanks for the tag Jenn🤗

Im in :)

I really like Spirit Druid Grog. I always wanted him.

I love mushrooms of all sorts, upvoted and have a nice day! @turb0nen

I would be very much happy to get this. @perilshadow as splinternands. everyone good luck

gimmeee thatttt @oraing

If spirit druid grog hasn't been sent out yet, I'd like a chance at him. @unclebounce


thanks for this giveaway!

tagging: @carlosro , @f360c4 , @brunyson , @viniciotricolor .


Thanks for the tag @jfang003! I'm all about my mushroom warriors! :)

@ericwilson when are we getting you deeper into Splinterlands?

Thanks for tagging me @jfang003. Reblogged and upvoted.

Tagged @ericwilson @rawnass @benalach

Thanks for the giveaway!

Upvoted, gimme gimme

Thanks for doing this. I like to win @giemo

I hope i can win :) lets go .

I would like to have a cup of tea with Spirit Druid Grog, please. @unclebounce

thank you all

I am in too. @godz

I would like to participate in the contest for Spirit Druid Grog.

Not sure if there is another giveaway with this post, but count me in if there is! 😀