Splinterlands weekly challenge "ant miner"

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I accept splinterlands challenge. And the challenge is using ant miner and winning the match .so this is how i done it , and this how i use ant miner and be more useful .


Match conditions :
Rules ; earthquake and healed out
Elements ; fire_light _dead _ dragon.

So in small mana battle 12-15 i always use fire monster with fire sommoner , but in this specific match with earthquakes rule i decided to use dragon summoner " Brighton bloom " because he give flay ability to the monsters so the earthquakes won't do any damage to my monsters . And that was the firs key to my win .
And the second key is pick up the right monsters and that what i did .
So i picked this monsters :
"Living lava "

"Ant miner"

"Kobold miner"

"Furious cheken"

The reason why i used ant miner is sacrific and because he is mana is 2 . So the purpose was sacrifice with furious cheken because i know that may enemy will use monster with sneak and opportunity monster and i also used living lava for strong defending. So my idea is to let earthquake take down the enemy monster .
This the link of the match if u want to watch the match :


I hope u enjoy

#splinterlands #play2earn #splintertalk


This looks doable for me except for the chicken thingie lol. I am new and haven't come across a card with a zero value yet lol. that's useful for these low mana games ha ha.

Very good strategy using the Dragon summoner to avoid the Earthquake doing damage.

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