Splinterlands weekly challenge "waves runner"

in Splinterlandslast month (edited)

Splinterlands challenge of this week was to use water monster "waves runner " into a battle . And like always am up to challenges . Even with a monster that i never used before ,so i maked sure to use the right line up to bring victory with that monster .
And this how i done it with details

Match condition :
Mana ; 22
rules ; lost magic and heavy hitters
Elements ; all except fire

Soummoner :

Lir deepswemmer


Monsters that i picked :

Furious chicken


Waves runner




Creeping ooze




The reason why i used this line up is because i thought my opponent will use earth monsters with mylor crowlin soummoner . But its turn up that he doesn't have it which its make more easy for me to win the battle .so the monster that i was count on is axemaster because he have 2 in attack and he can hit twice thats why i decide to make him in last position . And i choosed to use waves runner in second position because he is ability that allow him to hit from that position . And i think the plan was succeed .

This the link of the battle i hope u enjoy watching .


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