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Today I can share a battle with the second most used splinter for me: The Dragon splinter. With super powerful Dragon monsters, this is always a fun one to play with!

The Ruleset


This ruleset screams for a dragon team. High mana match allows to play very cool dragon monsters to outplay my opponent. Also the true strike makes some range play more likely, so a Quix would be a good choice here.

The Lineup

-1 range attack and -1 speedAs a range play is likely due to the ruleset, a Quix is a good choice here.
ShieldA tank with shield is perfect when assuming a range play.
Reach + double StrikeOne of my favorite dragon card. A heavy damage dealer in the second position.
SneakAlso a decent damage dealer with sneak.
SneakEven more Sneak attackers to kill the enemy backline quickly.
Flying + ScattershotA big damage dealer with high hitpoints. The Scattershot is kind of rng, but could be fit well with my sneak play.
ThornsSome sneak protection for my team.

The Battle

Link to the Battle

Round 1


My enemy went for a range team, where my Quix is perfect! Also the damage output is quite low compared to my team.

Round 2


I am slowly working through the enemy hitpoints while the enemy only attacks my shield.

Round 3


Round 4


The Rewards



The strategy worked! My Sneak protection did a great job and my Sneak attackers were able to kill the enemy backline just before they were able to kill my tank. Also the Harklaw with shield was a very good decision for my main tank.


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Thanks for sharing! - @zallin

Nice work, keep improving your posts to get better votes!