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Hello guys, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge's Session. For this week Battle Challenge, I want to review an old summoner from Death Element. Summoners are very important part on Splinterlands, not just they are limiting the monster level, their buff or debuff are effecting entire team. Picking right summoner will give you a major advantage, even if the monster are under-leveled. Today i would like to share to you how a right summoner could effectively lift the under-leveled team to beat the enemies. Without any further, let's start this weekly battle challenge session !


~Lore of Owster Rotwell~

Before we start taking about the battle, let's talk about the summoner first. For those who loves a story, i bring you the lore of the Owster Rotwell

Owster is one of the only living souls allowed to tournament summon for the Dark Eternals. He was discovered years ago in a Mount Mox cave by the Lord of Darkness, and is entirely unwilling to leave the shelter of the mountain. The Dark Lord, convinced that Owster would make a powerful death summoner, spent vast resources providing a remote Dark Eternal education to the boy. Now that he is a man, Owster Rotwell represents the Dark Lord's eyes and ears at Mount Mox, from whose grounds he never moves.

Source: Lore


General Information About Owster Rotwell

Now that we knew about the lore of this summoner, let's have a look at his stats and ability. The information about this summoner's stats and ability are shown below


Owster Rotwell is a Rare Dark Summoner which only cost 3 mana which makes im suitable on medium low mana cap. His buff is a magic reflect, which makes him a perfect counter for any mage monster. On lv 2, he could bring maxed out bronze lv monster, while lv 4 will allow him to bring maxed out silver lv monster, lv 6 for maxed out gold lv momster, and lv 8 will allow him to bring all maxed out lv monster. For this battle challenge, i use lv 3 gold owster rotwell which allow me to bring lv 4 common, lv 3 rare, lv 2 epic, and lv 2 legendary monster.




Battle Link:

My Lineup's Explanation :

Rules :


Before we discuss about the formation, here is the rules for this match
Thorn : Melee attacker will receive 2 physical damage
Equal Health : All monster are tarting with same health
40 Mana Cap : Medium high mana cap, Suitabe for Owster Rotwell.
Splinter available : Only Water, Earth, and Death splinter are available

Summonerimage.pngMagic RefectWith thorn ruleset, the best option is for using range and magic. Magic have an advantage because of their ability to attack from any position. Owster Rotwell is a perfect summoner for counter magic monster with his magic reflect buff.
Tankerimage.pngFlyingEver-hungry skull is my chosen tank because he got high armor. On regular battle his high armor are countered with his low health, but on equal health ruleset, he become a solid tank with high health and armor
2nd Monsterimage.pngMagic ReflectPrismatic Energy is my 2nd monster because he is one of my little collection of gold magic monster. His magic reflect are useless because i already got magic reflect from the summoner, but his magic attack is still usefull.
3rd Monsterimage.pngGiant Killer, AmplifyCabalist is very important monster for support the owster rotwell's magic reflect into 3 magic damage return. He also have 2 magic attack and giant killer for slaying high mana cost monster
4th Monsterimage.pngLife LeechVampire is my 4th monster because he got the life leech ability. On regular battle, he started with low health, but on equal health ruleset, he start with high hp and will rise even more with every of his attack. Perfectly match the owster rotwell for giving back magic damage with his high health and dodge enemies range attack with his high speed
5th Monsterimage.pngTrue StrikeWith 3 range damage and true strike ability, dhampir stalker is perfect to become the main hitter. Put him on 5th position to cover him from enemies that rarely will use back stabber due to thorn ruleset
6th Monsterimage.pngPoisonWith 2 range attack, this monster main weapon for the equal ruleset is his poison ability that will giving 2 true damage each turn for enemies that get poisoned.


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

If you want to watch the battle, please click the link of battle replay i've mentioned above.

The battle scene are also shown on gif below: (19).gif

On 1st round, both teams are applying their buff, include the owster rotwell magic reflect which is very important on this match. Enemis taunt tanker were ended up slayed by my team with the help of 3 magic damage return from Owster's buff as well. My tank also died at the end of this round. (20).gif

It's 5 vs 5 on 2nd Round, but my team having advantage because enemies backline already hurted by the magic reflection that got amplified by cabalist. My 2nd tank is slayed at the end of this round. Now it's 4 vs 5. (21).gif

Started with less monster, my teams are able to counter the situation into 3 vs 2 at the end of this round. This is because my teams were able to slay enemies tank and the monster behind it thanks to Owster Magic Reflect. (22).gif

On 4th Round, There is no monster slayed since enemies got armor and heal ability, but they keep received some damage from the magic reflect ability. (23).gif

On 5th and 6th Round, My team gains the victory after eliminating enemies healer with magic reflect ability. Now the queen mycelia only wait for his time to get eliminated with the magic reflect.


Discuss About Owster Rotwell :

What i like about Owster Rotwell:
What i like about this summoner is his low mana cost which cause him suitable on any condition. His magic reflect ability is very usefull as well because magician is favourite monsters for many people due to their attack that is going through the armor.

What i don't like about Owster Rotwell:
Even if he is very usefull against magic monster, he got no function against physical monster (melee and range). This makes him have no power when the ruleset is banning magic damage or giving disadvantage to them which makes people tend to not using magic monster. His buff is also limited with just 1 buff, which is makes him powerless against legendary summoner that having many buff for playing on very high mana cap .

When to Use Owster Rotwell:
I suggest you to use this summoner when you got ruleset that makes people might think magic monster is the most usefull monster, such as thorn ruleset like this match, or no melee ruleset as well. He is very usefull as well on regular ruleset when you see your enemies loves to use alric, obsidian, and magic squad as well.

When to Avoid Owster Rotwell:
I don't recommend you to use this summoner when the ruleset is banning magic damage or giving disadvantage to them which makes people tend to not using magic monster. I also don't recommend this summoner on very high mana cap because the legendary summoner could offer you with more benefit.



Owster Rotwell is very very effective against magic monster and having low mana cost that suitable on medium low mana cap, but having no function when enemies got no magic monster. Use him only when you are sure that enemies will bring magic monster and help him with cabalist or any monster with amplify ability to makes his abilities even deadlier.


Final Words

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~Thank You~


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