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RE: Splinterlands Basic Strategies – The Tank #03

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Although I think that second example is a case of more money than good strategy. Anyone playing with a legendary summoner and maxed out cards should win against that opponent!

Dosh just got lucky that his opponent selected cards that just wouldn't work against the Cocatrice - with all those buffs and speed, what's that about a 70- 80% chance of missing?!?


Hi @revisesociology, It is difficult to find the best examples, I wanted to show a lower level battle for beginners, but I didn't find it, anyway what I wanted to show was how Cocatrice manages to dodge blows. And I believe that in this example, she has 90% and after the Udead Priset was killed, she went to 100%.

They are crazy stats!

But do the percentage stats stack linearly... I doubt if it'd be possible for a monster to have 100% chance to miss it?

I believe so, because at each point with more speed = %10, dodge + 25% Flying + 25% and still have Slow + 10% and Swiftness + 10%, etc.