Splinterlands Weekly Art Contest: UNDEAD REXX

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Hello everyone

Its time to draw Splinterland character . Today I am try to draw UNDEAD REXX . It is al like as a t-rats .. that means Dinosaur. Buts it a zombie so its very interesting to draw .

Original Image Source : https://splinterlands.com/?p=card_details&id=242&gold=false&edition=3&tab=lore

Materials I used to draw this Undead Rexx

Lets See Few steps

As well as I am starting with is head . including nose , mouth , teeth . Is teeth are very sharp. I am drawing this with black pen


Trying to draw full body . its Body is muscle and some place are like zombie . is its not much easy to draw . I am drawing including is legs and tails and also hand


Its time for Coloring . Using red color some special part as like mouth tongue. Eyes and also in bely where its effected.


Using highlighter lime color in its back and head and tail . is for highlight its body


its time for using yellow color . I am using yellow color in is teeth and its bely where its effected . yellow color make its teeth sharp and look better and deadly.


Now blue color in its hole body . head to tail . because its dead or alive I don’t know so blue color is much better for is body


Using black color in its nail and some parts. You can see here . this color make is nail look better . so black color is perfect


Finally I am using green color some of its body . make this drawing better I am using green color and final touch to every part


I am always trying my best to draw better . some time color every parts are not properly because is much difficult . hope you like this drawing


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