Splinterlands Announces This Previously Undisclosed at Town Hall September 12, 2022

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Splinterlands Town Hall (AMA) Summary for September 12, 2022

*Please note: I cover as much as I can of the summary as a record of the conversation. I do not provide my opinion but actual conversation that occurs during the Town Hall/AMA. This summary will have questions provided from the Discord and the answers given by the various Splinterlands' team will be typed by me. Please forgive any typos or errors; some may be from Discord or some may be my own.

Founders Begin the Town Hall (formerly AMA)
Today's Town Hall included: @aggroed, @yabapmatt and @hardpoint

If you wish to contact the team, here's some of the personnel:

Aggroed @aggroed Founder and (C.E.O)
Matt @yabapmatt Founder and (C.P.O.)
Hardpoint @hardpoint (C.T.O.) (Chief Technical Officer)
Nate @nateaguila (Creative Director)
Cryptomancer @cryptomancer (Splinterlands Developer)
Chatter (Director of Growth)
Homestead @homesteadhacker (Business Analyst)


Introduction from Aggroed

  • Aggroed Welcomes everyone and gives a rundown of the Town Hall
  • Matt: New and very cool unique project we're doing. And dropping Riftwatchers Stats
  • Nate: Creative Eye Candy will be shared
  • Chatter: AMA GLS Soccer
  • WeirdBeard: New Quality of Life feature for the Streamers
  • Haythem: Genus League Sports
  • Allie and Mason: Streams who promote the Allie Coin
    • They are now dipping their toes into Splinterlands and streaming about that


Alliestrasza (and Mason)

  • Allie Coin: My Social Coin that has been around for two years now
    • A social coin is like Patreon. There are different tiers to subscribe to someone and you get different perks. If you hold the Allie coin, you get special perks for it.
    • It's a new concept and it's going well. By owning the Allie coin this can go up in value and you can sell those tokens later if you wish.
    • We stayed up until 3 am playing [Splinterlands] together. My two loves are card games and auto battlers so Splinterlands is that perfect marriage between the two.
    • I love that the games are quick.
    • We have opened up our tournaments then to the Allie coin with the Splinterlands community. One is on Sept 20th with $1000 in prizes (half Allie coin, half DEC).
    • We'll have another tournament for Bronze players, open to anyone. You can get the sign up codes by coming into the Discord. We're trying to grow the Allie coin community so we'd love to see you in our Discord so come on in.


Genesis League Sports Announcement with Haythem/ White Paper has been released

  • Haythem gives updates (You can read the white paper here.)
  • We started this announcement back in August and the goal is to bring into all these leagues. Some started out with just posting NFTs on Open Seas, but then they tried to start their own product and that was too small. So having GLS there is somewhere they can come together and have multiple audiences from the various sports with a cross pollination and it's resonating not just with me but with the leagues themselves. The worse complaint is that GLS is a distraction from Splinterlands so what are the benefits for Splinterlands?


  • Haythem: Look at the whitepaper and the roadmap and so we will be airdropping to the SPS stakers and we will drop GLS. SPS holders will be the first for all of it. Our hope is the SPS community will help bootstrap this community as we build so I keep in mind how can this help the Splinterlands community with everything I do. We're working with intellectual property so we'll be taking care of our community while dealing with intellectual property and the Splinterlands' community will be the first to have all of this.
  • We will airdrop but then you can stake that airdrop on the GLS website and that can build rewards. It's kind of like a chain of rewards.
  • You'll get first dibs at these tokens. You'll get the first supply. It's a major component of what we're rolling out. There's multiple ways you can compound the SPS through the air pools.
  • We hope you see it's not just this MLSPA game but you're the first first ones here for this whole ecosystem. We'll have casino games coming and I don't want to say exactly how each of these will go because there are intellectual properties we need to consider but this will be a win for you and hopefully you guys see we're integrating the players and Splinterlands together. I hope the players get the sense that we really value them and not meant to be a distraction but an additive. We think this is a project that is beneficial to the whole ecosystem. As Matt mentioned before, these guys are gonna go somewhere so do we have them build here or go somewhere else? Matt and I looked at each other and said this is a benefit for us to add to this ecosystem and it would be silly not to participate in this. I know there are some that aren't for this and I would ask that you hang tight and give us a change.
  • This product is really critical because it can show how we can add other games to this ecosystem. Splinterlands will always be the flagship but this is a great way to show what we can do.
  • We will start having our own GLS Town Hall as we kick off things. We're planning something for this week or next week.


Words with Wizards : Hardpoint

  • Tomorrow will be Tech modernization rolling out on Splinterlands

  • SPS rewards will hit tomorrow for license holders. People will start getting SPS dropped for those who whole license.

    • Homestead added in Discord: "We wanted to provide some details about node license rewards coming in tomorrow's release:
  • On Tuesday, rewards to claim will show as "0" in the UI, but users will get voucher rewards just as they have been.

  • Starting on Wednesday, users can claim both liquid vouchers and staked SPS rewards daily based on a balance history snapshot from the previous day."

  • Riftwatchers: the shop will be hitting tomorrow for a countdown to next week.

  • Proposition 34 is gearing up and should start on the 20th.

  • When's Land though? People are getting aggravated that they aren't here.

    • Back when we shifted SPS last year, a couple months after I was here, we started working on the foundation for land. It's a huge technological endeavor and it's the biggest expansion coming. The tech modernization and noncard market are part of that foundation so those projects have been underway since December and November of last year. Land phase 1 has team steadily working on it and pushing forward to Q4. Land is definitely on the radar. There's a lot of energy here and land is still talked about fondly. We hope at Splinterfest we'll be able to drop a bunch of details. So you'll see a lot more details mid-October from us. Boss monsters is on our radar. It's not a top priority but it's hoping to come next year.
  • Tower Defense Game

    • We have the presale live next week. We're hoping to get information out. That's also another Splinterfest session so we'll talk more about that there. I've been working on that for months so that's been one of my babies. It's dream for voucher holders, SPS holders, etc.


Words with Wizards: Matt Rosen

  • The reason Splinterlands started is we are gamers and whenever we see something we're like "oh wouldn't it be cool if," Recently, especially since COVID ended (or at least all the restrictions), I've been excited to go to the in-person events. The events have kind of changed to huge mega parties driven by NFTs. NFTs have gotten so many people into the space and that's awesome and one of the things I noticed at these events is Crypto Apes, and Goblins, and people have pins and shirts and one of the things is I want to have that for Splinterlands. I do have a shirt with Yodin on it and that's not my unique one. People tie their whole identity to their NFTs and all of this happens on Open Seas and Ethereum right now and so it's kind of a bummer to me that they are so hesitant to move off Open Sea and Ethereum so really all these things came together for me to ask how can this huge community get around this. How can I get all the cool pins, pictures and profiles. And so we came up with a way to do a generative NFT project. It's like a Crypto Punks or Hive Punks or Bored Apes. Most of them are generative NFTs. Every single one is unique. So unlike Splinterlands' cards where they are the same, the idea here is there will be a new promo card will have all the same stats and abilities but the actual image with be 100% unique. We'll be doing the drop on Open Sea and Ethereum and once you buy it there you'll be able to stake it and have it on the open market.

  • Splinterlands: This is a PFP Project. Unlike normal PFPs that are collectibles, it sounds like this is where I can play this promo card IN THE GAME with my unique NFT. This is even better. The name is a secret at this time. This NFT lives on Ethereum but I do an action on Ethereum that will allow me to play it in the game.

  • One is to get my own unique Splinterlands NFT. It's surprising how big this NFT community is and so by doing this on Ethereum we're going to be doing this on Ethereum. I think this is one of those moments were we can onboard a HUGE group of people on Ethereum. There's going to be a huge marketing push to say to the whole NFT world. A lot of them have heard of Splinterlands but because it isn't being done like how they are used to from the NFT community so when they see that not only is it now on Ethereum it will have IMMEDIATE utility in Splinterlands and we'll be able to onboard.

  • First thing we'll do is have a whitelist. I think we're looking at 6,000 range, all max level cards. That's more of a technical restraint because you can't combine them on Ethereum. Splinterlands will get to reserve one of these (using VOUCHERS) I think the price will be roughly $500. You can use vouchers to reserve yourself a spot. In the next week or two you'll put in your vouchers on Splinterlands' website and reserve your spot. It will be released end of October. There will be a limited amount, a third or so, for the white list. The rest can be how much can we do and get interest from the NFT community. You just can't imagine how many people are in this space. There will be gold foil ones but it will be random (probably a 4% chance). All the differences are purely cosmetic. It will be a new promo character that the art design team has worked up it will have different parts with different heads, hats, swords, some might be silly, some cute, some will be more plain and common and some really rare and cool and you look at it and say wow. We're hoping to get lots of trading volume of the trading market in Open Sea. If we get that volume up on Open Sea, then Splinterlands will get seen on Open Sea so we're fine if Splinterlands community members are welcome to buy them all!

  • Name will be Runis (Runi). (Matt leaked it). You'll be able to use it as your profile picture. We'll let you use your unique Rooney as your profile picture. We hope you'll use it on Twitter as well!

  • If this goes well, we'll try to do more things like this in the future. Is it an option to bring their Bored Apes into the game? Yes! That's the idea. We can allow people to stake other NFTs and get that as a usable card in the game.

  • The larger guilds could add custom backgrounds. It's a way to bring in other communities in different ways.

  • Riftwatchers Eye Candy

    • Let's release a few more card stats (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
    • A lot more stun at lower levels and now we feature reflection shield more heavily.





Eye Candy from Nate

  • Here's for the NFT Project (Holding off on the logo for now)
  • How the Lore (Runi project) will work. We will have this follow the Riftwatchers Lore. We're bringing people over from far away to help. And one of the neutral characters, the Junker, will use the blue prints to create these Runis (short for Runicore)

And here's the technomancer


Guys this is coming soon! So you won't have to wait long to get this NFT project happening.

  • Matt added this:

    • This is a feeling of a good project to do because it's NFTs and a game. People will put so much money into this. This project is something people will invest in because it's that combination of the NFTs with utility for a game.
  • NOTE: In Discord Matt pointed out you don't want more than 6,000 NFTs because these will be MAXXED cards in the game, so you have to keep those numbers lower.


Chatter and the Marketing Update

  • What are we doing to make sure the world knows all of this?
  • Chatter: There's so many things. One of the big things it will be for ETH users. Long story short what we're doing for the Splinterlands' community and hopefully more ARG experience. Augmented Reality Game. We'll have a full story behind the runi. We'll be kicking this over to you. You'll have to get your protagonist and head over to Discord and you'll have to answer the riddle to get to another room and when you get the answer correctly, you will get a new discord unlocked and the first few people that do that will get FREE Runis. We'll be working and doing a ton of different AMAs. We'll be doing Twitter spaces. I'll be with YeeHaw games and their AMA and then there's going to be a ton more.
  • Marketing for GLS: We have a campaign going there.
  • Splinterfest up tomorrow with the entire itinerary.
  • Runi PR will go out Thursday. Hopefully some leaks with the artwork. We'll have a blog out for technical details.
  • Allie and Mason will be doing PR on the tournament games how Web 2 can play in the Web 3
  • Aggroed: If there's one piece, what do you think will get the most views, the biggest splash
    • The ARG thing is going to be next level. (Like a Discord Escape Room) This is how we blend the real world into the digital space. It's going to be such a cool project. Whoever can solve these riddles are going to be able to win these free NFTs which could be worth thousands of dollars down the road.


WeirdBeard and Tournaments

  • Streamermode
    • Update out tomorrow. It doesn't make it 1 for 1, but it makes it now to where it won't show off who one the match before you look at it. It delays notifications. It is one of those quality of life things. If we're doing more streaming and having more coverage of tournaments that needs to be done to facilitate the streaming. It's a simple toggle. You can turn that off as soon as your streaming is done.
  • SPS Brawl Rewards
    • It's 90% done. We're almost there for Brawl SPS rewards so that means we'll see a huge influx of people going to those higher brawls. It's based about how many people are in it. It's a good push to get people out of the lower tiered Brawls.
  • If you're coming to Splinterfest get ready. It's going to SO MUCH FUN. If you haven't got your ticket yet I advise you to do so.
  • We're targeting end of September (but as always disclaimer... we're planning it then but there can be complications)
  • Allie Coin - Tournaments (you'll need the password for it so go to her discord) Sept 20 and 27th is Beginner Open. If you want to go to her Discord, click here.


Employee Introduction: Nick Rivello

  • Nick is a concept artist. We produce art that is implemented into the game from cards, art, UI, etc. I was working for a cover artist before. Splinterlands is my first big chance into the gaming world.
  • Are you from Oklahoma? No. I'm actually from Italy.

Concept Art for Orcs called the Uloth Tribe that Nick dideraa_sketches.jpg:




Employee Introduction: Magical Dolphin (Abby) (Exec Assistant to Hardpoint)

  • Magical Dolphin has worked as an executive assistant for many execs, but this is a perfect job because her whole family is a family of gamers.
  • I get to interact with so many people in the company and I work to see that the goals are being met, that people are hitting where they need to hit.
  • Aggroed: Is there smoke coming out of our development engine or are we cruising smoothly? What's your experience talking with the people? Are they losing their minds? Crying at night?
    • The excitement is really high with all that's rolling out. Energy is really high. We have a lot of deadlines coming up. Right now, when I first got here we were doing so much development, but now I will be here for six months and it's been a well-oiled machine and everyone is just pumped.
  • Hardpoint: She is the secret sauce behind me to keep me sane. I'm assuming our future has a lot more crazy growth so I'm glad she's here working with me.


Splinterlands TV

  • Aggroed announced four new streamers that have joined Splinterlands TV.
  • RonDon gives a Splinterlands TV update.
  • Viewship has SKYROCKETED. We're getting 60 to 80 people per stream. We've been raided, a few times by Allie. Guys this is absolutely fantastic.
  • RonDon shares the clip of the week. You get 500 SPS for sharing clips that are chosen (both the streamer and the person who clipped it if you are chosen as the clip of the week).
  • We're at 95% 24 hours a day coverage of Splinterlands. We're nearly there for 24 hour coverage.


RIftwatchers Questions

  • Will there be a period where RW presale buyers will get the new cards before people in the general sale, or will general sale be on the same day the cards are playable?
    • No that will happen in the same day
  • Will RW bonus packs count towards 'total packs purchased' and qualify for 'guaranteed packs' and 'title' calculations? (ie if I buy 900 packs + 135 bonus packs do I get the 'watcher' title?)
      • Yes across the board we'll be counting the bonus packs and I think TD will count
  • Will RW packs count for mav status?
    • No



  • Is anything being done in regards to removing ECR? I want to invest more time in the game, but I feel like I have to constantly take time off while ECR regenerates.
    • No answer on short term horizon.
  • You made a change that made merritt rewards in chests more consistent and less reliant on large jackpot rewards. Is there any chance this change could be applied to sps chest rewards as well?
    • Could be a proposal. We don't want to say it ourselves.
  • Given you can get to diamond in Wild with just CL, it seems Alpha/Beta cards are dropping as much as 90% in value - will there be plans to give more value to older cards around the corner, or should we expect the same to keep happening with the release of newer card editions?
    • Tower Defense and all the new things. One of the main things with land was mechanism to give additional value to old cards, letting the old cards help mint the new cards. It will happen. It just takes patience.
  • Modern diamond/champion league is deserted and hard to find a match early in the season so players avoid playing in modern. It's easier to gain ratings and reward shares in the wild format, creating a cycle where even more people avoid modern format so it's harder to find a match. Do you think the new governance proposal change will help this?
    • Yes 100% because there will be a specific reward pool for each league. It will be smoothed out also.
    • You might start thinking how you get get higher level chests NOW so you're reading when Prop 34 comes.



  • How is the progress of the non-card market and guild brawls SPS rewards? Is the official fee for the non-card market also 5%?
    • Guild Brawls at 95% should have by end of September or October. Noncard market is October. It will still have the 5% fee. Tech modernization is a dependency for the non-card market. So we will roll that out tomorrow and once we get that out, we'll be able to move forward.
  • Can you please remove tournaments with political content from the tournament list, as well as the option to create such tournaments? There was a Nixon tournament on Monday, with his face as the tournament photo. You can imagine where this can lead if politicians worse than Nixon start appearing in the Tournaments' page.
    • We had a single name, I don't think Nixon is that offensive and I don't think that breaks community guidelines so we can't say no to that.


Rapid Fire Questions

  • Questions regarding the Tower Defense Pack Pre-Sale:
  1. I would need 2 500 000 DEC and 500 VOUCHER for 500 Pre-Sale Packs -> Will there be bonus packs? Will the referral bonus count towards these packs?
    • Is this another case where extra vouchers get extra packs. Yes. You only get a referral bonus if you spend credits.
  2. 500 Pre-Sale Packs guarantee Promo Hero, Limited Title, Limited Avatar, Closed Beta Access -> Will those things be transferable between accounts?
    • The Promo Hero will be an NFT and the avatar will be account bound so I think it will be transferable.
  • QUESTION: The ETH NFT card will be the first card not available in the SPL card market. Will SPL provide a solution to trade those between us in a trustless way like we can do with other SPL assets? Also, how would renting work?

  • question: what happened to the eth earned from the PFPs sale?
    question: can you explain a little more how the conversion into the in game cards works? and what if you sell the card on the ingame shop?

    • You'll make a ETH transaction. The only way to be bought sold or transfered will be on ETH.
  • QUESTION: The ETH NFT card will be the first card not available in the SPL card market. Will SPL provide a solution to trade those between us in a trustless way like we can do with other SPL assets? Also, how would renting work?
    • Open Sea. There won't be renting for that card initially.
  • QUESTION: Some of us don’t have experience with ETH, the main reason for that is we don’t like to pay 10 CL packs in fees. Can you guys do it in such a way that we minimize the fees? No one likes fees.
    • To Matt's point earlier, you pay the fee once to mint it and that's a one time transaction because once the card is in your deck you play it without additional fees.
  • QUESTION: What type of ratio are we looking at for GLS nodes airdropped to SPS nodes holders? 1:1? 1:4? 1:50?
    • TBD
  • Question : Thoughts on moving current skins to voucher store eventually ?
    • We can figure that out later.
  • Question: What will be the $ discount per 1 voucher used on the whitelist for a Runi?
    • It will be that number of vouchers that will give a discount and I don't know what that is yet.
  • QUESTION: Do you have any partners from ETH blockchain on building this RUNI project?
    • Dev is in house but one partner we are using is Crypto Monkz. HOpefully lots of partners on the marketing side.
  • QUESTION: Will there be a pack limit per transaction for the RW presale? Ie 2K packs per transaction? Or is it unlimited (if required resources are in hand)?
    • I'm not sure.
  • QUESTION from Youtube from Splinterfan: Can/will you add an auto staking feature to sps staking? What I mean by this is a way to autostake rewards I earn from staking. Thank you!
    • Yeah we should definitely have that at some point.
  • QUESTION: Any thoughts yet on the RW presale, is it fastest-finger-first?
    • Not doing a lottery. Hoping it will naturally work out and we want to sell out quickly but we also want to make sure that everyone who was available and ready can and I think we did that with the node license presale (which lasted over 10 mins)
  • QUESTION: with brawls soon rewarding real-world, extractable value (SPS), have we considered ways for all members of a guild to earn? Something like “best ball” frays, where everyone participates; the top win-rate for each fray counts toward the final standing, and all who joined earn SPS. Or any other way to ensure folks aren’t left out in the cold.
    • I don't know the details. I would think bc there's fewer Frays that members. Is that what we're asking? We'll need to talk to Cryptomancer. I think it will be like merits and stuff where you have to actually participate.
  • Question: Will there be any purchase limits on riftwatchers pre-sale? I'm already afraid of not being able to buy my packs. haha
    • No
  • question: any plans to add a complete noob to competitive intro for all the new players incoming
    • I don't know what that means
  • question: thoughts on a search function as card market expands
    • we would love that
  • question: now your starting to roll out ghost tournament is there any plans to start "owned cards tournaments
    • At this time no
  • QUESTION: Will any mechanism be implemented to prevent bots from buying all RW pre-sale packs within a sec
    • I'm not sure but again we hope the cost and the voucher requirement and number of packs available will be fine.
  • QUESTION: Did you consider Polygon (ETH level 2, much cheaper gas, OpenSea has it too) rather than Ethereum for the previously Undisclosed project.
    • Yes 100% but if you look at the stats, there are so much more dollar volume and activity on Ethereum.


Here's the Link to the YouTube video from Splinterlands' Official YouTube Channel if you want to see the Town Hall as well for a reference.

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Another crazy week ahead. I look forward to deep diving into your update. TBH I actually was turned off the TH because I didn't like waiting for the important news.

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Amazing work again Rosie!

Would anyone happen to know if the Genesis League Sports airdrop to SPS stakers would be for people who have staked SPS in the Splinterlands game, or would they need to stake in the GLS platform?

From what I understood, it requires to have SPS staked in the Splinterlands game.
Since the GLS game is brand new there is nothing ready there. Also, I don't think they want a massive unstake from splinterlands !

Thanks so much EmeraldTiger, this is exactly what I was hoping but just wanted to make sure I didn't need to start thinking about unstaking.

Thanks so much, Aussie! I think it's what @emeraldtiger says but I'm not sure. There was so much information that it was hard to keep up with it all.

So much exciting news... it's absolutely wild.
Thanks for working so hard to keep the rest of us informed!

You're so welcome, AussieNinja! :) Hope you're doing well! SOOO much going on these days, huh? ;)

Wow Rose this is a long one and very exciting, I will be back to re-read especially for Runi coming to Ethereum.

Wow, it is getting crazily exciting one here, can we cope with all these new developments lol? I want to be part of everything!

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Always great- thank you , I always miss the town hall and its great to wake up and to be able to catch up quickly from your review .

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Thanks for the great summary! The new Riftwatcher cards look great, I'm just itching to buy some packs. I am excited by the new Genesis League Soccer and the airdrop. I think it may have a huge upside potential especailly if they can hammer out deals with the NBA and NFL!

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