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I joined splinterlands two and a half months ago as a newbie and started learning about the game. It was a hard challenge for me to learn the game on my own, not because there was no one who can teach me but because I love learning things by myself. I found some strategies about the game while playing against the opponents and it helped me a lot to win the battles and the rewards. During this whole time, I have learned too many things which help me to gain knowledge about the game.

Every day is teaching a new lesson and last week I also learned it by opening one Rift Watcher Pack & a Chaos Legion Pack. these two packs cost me 17 Hive and in return, I got the NFTs worth 4 Hive which means a total loss. Of course, the packs are like a lottery which gives huge rewards but as a minnow, it is a bit hard to play lotteres with low money. This week I thought to let's buy some NFTs directly and I am happy that I bought 28 NFTs in just 5 Hives through Peakmonsters market a third-party market for the splinterlands.


NFTs I Bought Today




It was the first time when I bought the Dragon NFTs cause I don't have the Dragons in my collection. I have bought some low-price NFTs of all categories like Fire, Water, Life, Earth, Death, and Dragon. I have about 28 NFTs that I am gonna share here with you.

Fire Splinters:Water Splinters:Earth Splinters
Molten Ash GolemFlying SquidVampiric Blossom
Lava LauncherCoastal NymphHunter Jarx
Scavo ChemistWave RunnerNectar Queen
Ettin Spearmanxx
Charlok Minotaurxx
Life SplintersDeath SplintersDragon Splinters
Pelacor ArbalestSilent Sha-viDjinn Chwala
Djinn RenovaNight GhoulDhampir Infiltrator
Portal SpinnerShadow SnitchNaga Assassin
Chain SpinnerxTwilight Basilisk
Chaos Knightxx


NFTs Details


  • Charlok Minotaur

Charlok Minotaur.png

This is a common fire NFT with three melees, two speeds, and ten health. It has the True Strike ability: The monster's attack cannot miss.


  • Ettin Spearman

Ettin Spearman.png

This is a common fire NFT with three ranged, one speed, and eight health. It does not have any type of ability.


  • Molten Ash Golem

Molten Ash Golem.png

This is a rare fire NFT with one range, one speed, and nine health. It has the Close Ranged ability: A monster with the close range ability can perform a ranged attack from the first position.


  • Coastal Nymph

Coastal Nymph.png

This is a common water NFT with three ranged, two speeds, seven health, and two armor. It has the Scattershot ability: Ranged and Magic attacks hit a random enemy target.


  • Flying Squid

Flying Squid.png

This is a common water NFT with two melees, three-speed, and eight health. It has the Reach ability: Melee attack monsters with the reach ability may attack from the second position on the team.


  • Nectar Queen

Nectar Queen.png

This is a common earth NFT with four melees, two speeds, and ten health. It has the Flying ability: Has an increased chance of evading melee and ranged attacks from the monsters who do not have the flying ability.


  • Pelacor Arbalest

Pelacor Arbalest.png

This is a rare life NFT with two ranged, two speeds, and two health. It has the Double Attack ability: Monster attacks twice in each round.


  • Night Ghoul

Night Ghoul.png

This is a common death monster with four melees, one speed, ten health, and four armor. It has the Taunt ability: All enemy monsters target this monster (If they are able to).


  • Djinn Chwala

Djinn Chwala.png

This is an epic dragon NFT with two melees, two speeds, nine health, and five armor. It has the Thorns ability: When hit with the melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.



These were the twenty-eight NFTs that I bought from the market and they help me to increase my power to 4,110 and I am 890 points away to unlock the next league. Currently, I am playing in the bronze II but soon I will open the bronze I league and after that, I will test for silver.


My Social Media Links:

Discord: Shiekh Nouman#4412
Instagram: Nouman5816
Twitter: ShiekhNouman2
Youtube: Newbie's Hive


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