Sharing a Battle Using Pirate Captain

Hello Hivers and Splinterlands gamers!

I bring you another battle! Thank you to the organizers of this fun challenge: @splinterlands and @carrieallen, and those who have been helping in the curation of articles.

You can read about it HERE.

Featured Monster



Rarity: COMMON

Element: WATER

Attack: RANGED


The Ruleset

Mana- 27

Silenced Summoner- Summoners do not give and stat buffs ofr debuffs or grant/use of abilities.

The Strategy

1. Fill all slots with Monsters.

2. All back Monsters should be able to deliver a blow.

3. Position Monsters according to Melee, Magic, and Ranged attacks, and in that order.

4. Field the strongest and fastest Monsters possible.

The Lineup

Click the link below to watch the battle.

Summoner: Alric Strombringer- Ruleset does not allow any buffs.

1. Sea Monster: Heal- Speed of 3, Melee attack of 5, Health of 9. Restores a portion of the Monster's Health in each round.

2. Wave Runner: Reach, Knock Out- Speed of 4, Melee attach of 3, Health of 5. This Monsters may attack from the seconda position. Does double damage to the enemy that is stunned.

3. Sabre Shark: Sneak- Speed of 4, Melee attack of 2, Health of 3. This Monsters targets the last Monster in teh enmey team instead of the first.

4. Dwarven Wizzard: Snipe- Speed of 2, Magic attack of 1, Armor of 1, Health of 3. This Monsters target Magic or Ranged or No-Attack Monsters that are not in the first position.

5. Theme Monster Pirate Captain: Snipe- Speed of 3, Ranged attack of 2, Health of 4. This Monsters target Magic or Ranged or No-Attack Monsters that are not in the first position.

6. Pirate Archer: Blast- Speed of 3, Ranged attack of 1, Health of 3. This Monster does additional damage to Monster's adjacent to the target Monster.

The Battle

1. My Pirate Archer eliminates the enemy tank Djinn Oshannus.

2. Sea Monster demolishes enemy Sniping Narwhal

3. Dwarven Wizzard vanquishes enemy Ice Pixie.

4. Wave Runner decimates enemy Venari Wavesmith

5. Sabre Shark takes down enemy Enchanted Pixie for victory!

The Battle Result

We started about the same level. I was at 1778, the opponent at 1787. My opponent fielded one less Monster in his/her lineup. That gave me an advantage. He/she also fielded as back-up tank Sniping Narwhal, a Ranged attach Monster which was powerless and had no attack as tank.

My opponent used all Magic attacks (except for one Monster), which would have been alright n except that he/she cannot avail of the additional buff from Alric Stormbringer because of the Ruleset Silence Summoner.

I won the battle in three rounds with all my Monsters intact.

There you have it! Until the next time...

I'll see you in the battlefield!


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Once again sis, nice job warrior woman! You rock! Take care!🤗😘🌸💕

Thanks, sis!
Take care!
Hugs and Kisses sis 🥰🌺🤙!

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You Know I !LUV these SteemMonsters Postings Ms. Saver @silversaver888 and It's on #PirateSunday too.......


Pirate Captain
The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ are not to be trusted. Their Captains are among the most cunning (and dangerous) creatures in the Splinterlands. Armed with muskets of secret ΛZMΛRÉan make and prepared for any situation, the Pirate Captains sail the seas looking for treasure.

You always win ?

It just so happen that I win in the Featured Monster every time.
I wish I had the time for Splinterlands like I used to.
But life is just so busy now-a-days, @goldrooster.

Right from the start, your Pirate Archer eliminates the enemy tank Djinn Oshannus!!! That's the way to start a battle!!!
In three rounds the win, congratulations @silversaver888 !🤗

How's you BTC! Did it split?

This was a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain @silversaver888, and it looks like everything went very well!!🤗

Wow great post i only really just started getting into this game recently i am not very good.
Have a blessed and wonderful week
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I am glad that you think so!
You'll be very good in no time.
Don't worry, @bentomaswwd.
Have a blessed week too!

Thanks @silversaver888 i am certainly understanding it more it is a really good game peace

See you in the battlefield!

Absolutely look forward to it have the best day my friend.