Splinterlands Daily Update | Market Watch: BTC, HIVE, SPS, GLX, DEC (March 18, 2023)

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Splinterlands Daily update


  • 8 diamond chests
  • 5 summoner cards
  • 2 common cards
  • Not the best day

Daily Focus Chests: +8 Diamond | 15 Diamond Total

Ratings regressed 40 points...


  • 2 wins 1 loss pattern for the whole night... it's very annoying


Crypto Market Today - taking a break

Bitcoin is resting comfortably above $27k


HIVE is holding at around 42 cents


HIVE to BTC is flat again



  • SPS, $0.03015, 🦀 - SPS will probably drop again after after the PROMO Card Tuesday
  • GLX, $0.02420, 🐻 - I think people are swapping GLX for SPS
  • DEC, $0.0008023, 🦀


What's happening this weekend for gamers?

  • Diablo IV Early Access Beta: it's fun, but still very buggy and laggy
  • Anno 1800 Trial Week

Diablo gets stuck and slowdown after a while.


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