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RE: How Can I Most Efficiently Earn Vouchers Without Breaking The Bank? Growing Pains & New Cards Bought

in Splinterlands6 months ago

Unless I poured $ in at this point, we're too close to the release for me to accumulate any vouchers. At most, maybe I'd get 1 or 2, but it doesn't feel worth the taxable event to swap for the voucher goose chase at my level. Even if I got a few packs to be eligible for airdropped cards, my chances would be slim at best. Might as well buy the cards directly if something is that amazing. I guess my only solace is slowly building up SPS and DEC through gameplay and liquid payouts from posts. Congrats on being an early adopter in this stuff where there's no strain on anything, just enjoying the ride. Also nice job on your Koinos. I wanted to grab some again and again, but just a few hundred bucks to be part of it...but the ETH fees on Uniswap were always too much to box me out.


Yeah, unfortunately the timing isn't great for CL vouchers for you... but they've already started working on the next editions (Riftwatchers and Rebellion) so hopefully you'll be well placed for those ones.

Oh thanks! Those goddamn ETH fees are just ridiculous... which ironically is the main problem Koinos attempts to solve. Hopefully once they release mainnet you'll be able to grab some feeless Koin.