followed and hope to win without secret words lol because no secret words yet:D
will try to watch some twitch later too

@aggroed how about a vote haha

Always glad to have you in the community. Will try to catch up on your stream when I can.


!1UP Good work!


You have received a 1UP from @underlock!

The @oneup-cartel will soon upvote you with:
@monster-curator, @oneup-curator, @ctp-curator, @neoxag-curator, @fun-curator
And they will bring !PIZZA 🍕.

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I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
curation-cartel tipped stever82 (x1)
@dub-c(3/5) tipped @stever82 (x1)

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Here is some !PIZZA

Good work, my Eth wallet is rather empty but I'll at least get enough in there for Gas fees/ fees for putting into my Splinterlands account should I be lucky enough to win.


(You were voted by @Mightyrocklee, because you're awesome. Enjoy this big bunch of SPT.)

Waiting to see how you gonna do it, still! Maybe I am the lucky one. Cheers!

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This is what I call a giveaway!
@r0nd0n Nice convincing skills!

I'm a reluctant follower, but this one deserves a follow ❤

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