I think some new rewards cards will help reinvigorate the player base. We've been hearing about upcoming changes for several months, but everything gets delayed by at least a few weeks. I'm happy I didn't go heavy into land at the end of last year when I started playing. Based on comments made during this town hall, I don't see land (actively being used) until next year this time or later. Appreciate the review. Sharing this on

Thank you, Steve! These recap videos are great. Save us so much time!

Thanks a lot man for good content.

After so many days watching your channel now i realised how to participate in the giveaway.
Thanks for all the content man. Cheers

I agree. If you're going to go low power, you're off the leaderboard. Its another way to sop up some of this inventory.

I also think they should be using Dec for a lot more now and in the future. This lack of reasons to own it mixed with bot farms taking it from mint to market by the bucketload are killing the game's value.

Nice update.


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Another great recap!
Thank you!!!

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thanks for the "non recap of the recap". You always provide quality information.

Not that I'd probably ever get close to a leader board, but I agree with your idea on Low Power accounts being dropped out of the leader board.


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Thanks for your previous upvote on my weekly challenge!!!

It'll be interesting to see how the new rewards will affect the economy and prices of the current ones.

Thanks Steve! You're great.

I normally don't watch town halls, but I watched some of the last one. I thought it was very nice how aggroed tryies to be transparent and ask things very directly, also caring for the whole division of working functions between them.



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Not a very interesting TownHall, so thank you for taking the time to summarize it for us! Came here from you YouTube channel. Subd'
IGN bishhh

Thanks for the recap as always, Steve! :-)

Thanks for the update and recap


Agree. There's no big news. Hope it will be better next month. Thanks Steve!

Hello Steve! Love your content and thanks for this recap! 😉

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Woot! Thanks for the content man! 😀

Thanks for the recap. I really don't watch town hall i just watch your recap. Lol!

Thanks a lot

IGN: exeld

Hopefully the next town hall will be more interesting xD

The changes in the new reward system postpone to mid May or end of May. I think the team is very much behind the schedule for various changes that are going to be implemented.


let's wait for the big updates then! for small players, this is a must, no new players will start with these small rewards I think.

Appreciate your time on these even on a slower town hall day. Thanks! IGN: Bluedevil0722

Thx for the sum up bro!

Steve wraps up this weeks town hall fantastically. It is always better to watch it yourself, but i've found has always been a reliable source of Splinterlands Information

Thankyou for sharing your time and perspective @stever82 .
You’ve made today’s Splintering!


Thanks for the recap. It's always a pleasure

Thanks for the recap again! Love listening to those!