Noobs Talk, a new season and a Rental Giveaway

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Good seasons brothers in noobiness, i hope you had a lovely worthy season's eve, my season rewards were totally EPİC _ "Dear Santa, please send a Djinn Chiwala so i can kill other children with thorns, thank you" _
after that, i've started a new season of grinding and doing good things to make santa more happy " like killing other children softly with the spicy sweet thorns".
More of news, i've joined a guild, it's the PWND Monsters Guild " in fact i don't know what PWND means but it seems cool and they propably will use me as some sort of sacrifice to attract good luck", and as soon as i buy my first Gladius Pack i will make a Legendary post to welcome my new precious cards.

download - 2021-11-17T125308.504.jpeg

So, let's start with my season rewards, THEN "Skip this RİGHT NOW !!" the regular acting like a land lord who is forcing people to hear his stupid Sh** so they can have some cards. Go to hell you peice of ship. OH GOD !

Really, it's like the last one :

  • 2K power Golden Temple priest
  • 500 power Golden Flamesmith
  • 100 DEC for the third lucky one❤️🎉

i am still looking forward to add more on them as soon as possible...

Season's rewards when you are a busy cat

This season i was satisfied enough with my rewards as i got 3 EPİCS, 1 Rare and 4 common cards, Of course with some DRİNKS and pennies.


"Yeah i am editing photos as a professional now"

And the total calculations of my rewards during the season were : "No Golden foils"

My second Djinn Oshannus !!!!

Giveaways and Real Things

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@ai5 @legolasgreenleaf @collectorofchaos @jackyng @litrydow @cryptoph0823

May the holy list of names expand as the rewards become better and better.
What to do :

  • Follow "if you want"
  • Put a comment

And my dear random picker will select 3 winners 🎉🎉 to get the rewards until this season ends.

And join splinterlands if you didn't until now "i mean, man, are you serious"

just click this Legendary Logo down there and take a peice from the pie.



Is that Djinn Oshannus a giveway?! Count me in ! LOL !LUV

Well in fact it's delegated to someone right now 💔 but nice idea, next time it will be in🤗❤️
And sorry for not being enough obvious in the post🙃

I had an awful season's eve. Something I celebrated with a stupid story I wrote over on my blog. Count me in for this random event and maybe my the Christmas Djinn will stuff my stocking with seaweed. Game on!

Count me in if possible @thebusycat! Really appreciated the card delegation it helped a lot.

put me in that

Interested 😁
Let's see my luck today

why was i tagged btw ?
( I'd love to participate in giveaway anyway though )

i mentioned you because you participated in a recent giveaway so i thought you would be interested to join the new one 🤗

Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia