Noobs Talk, Rental Giveaway winners

in Splinterlands2 years ago


Hello guys and another species.
The oracle has picked 3 of you to win the recent free rental giveaway + 100 DEC.

  • 2K CP Golden Temple Priest
  • 500 CP Golden Flamesmith
  • 100 DEC


The rewards will be sent as i am publishing this post
!! Please include your "in-game name" in your comment next time !!

A DJİNN OSHANNUS will be added next time ❤️

@caterinarusso @shawnmichael-gt
@ai5 @legolasgreenleaf @collectorofchaos @jackyng @litrydow @cryptoph0823 @joesetsfire @saryx9 @mounir95sb
Let me know if you don't want to be mentioned next time


i want to be mentioned everytime & everywhere there is a giveaway 😂

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Nice way to wake up today! Thanks! Onwards and upwards!