Defense against witches

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I always think that using magicians is the best in this game because the magician hits the heart directly and traverses all the shields, but if your opponent expects that you will depend on the magicians in your battle with him, it is very easy to defeat you.
Although my opponent wasn't relying mainly on mages here and only used 3 mages in this battle, things went perfectly here.

My opponent relied here on the ability to fly, since he used a summoner that gives the ability to fly to all the monsters in the team "BRIGHTON BLOOM" and this in my opinion was not suitable against my monsters at all because I used the water team and used very powerful monsters with it.
After I looked at my opponent's record, I saw that he relies heavily on magicians and I expected that he would play in the water team using this summoner "ALRIC STORMBRINGER" but he did not do that and because I expected that I used this summoner "BORTUS" and this summoner has a very amazing ability which is It decreases all witches hit by 1 and this ability is perfect against all witches, especially if your opponent uses a large number of witches on his team.


How I used my monsters and how I arranged them, all of this you will know in the rest of this blog in detail

The first attacker I used is "TORHILO THE FROZEN", it is the strongest attacker against magicians because of the supernatural ability it has, which is "void", and this ability divides the magician's strike in half, and this feature I love a lot against magicians, especially with the summoner feature that reduces 1 of the power of all witches.
This monster has amazing features, which is that it has a very strong heart, which is 8, and a wonderful shield, which is 4, and also it has a very strong hit, which is 4, but he is a slow attacker and its speed is only 1, all of this makes it an amazing attacker.

Torhilo the Frozen.png

In the second place I placed a striker that I like very much in the water team, which is "SEA MONSTER", This attacker has a very wonderful ability, which is "Heal", This ability allows this attacker to increase its heart once per round when its heart is missing.
This monster has a very strong hit and it's 4 and also has a great heart and it's 8 but it's a slow attacker and its speed is only 1 and that's the only bad thing about it.

Sea Monster.png

The third monster I used is "AZMARE HARPOONIST" This monster will be great against monsters that have the advantage of flying because it has a great ability which is "snare", this feature allows this defender to skip the flying ability of the opponent's monsters and here in this battle that was very useful, This monster has a good heart which is 5 and a great hit of 3 and it is also a fast defender and his speed is 3, all of this makes it a very great defender.

Azmare Harpoonist.png

In the fourth place I used this defender "AXEMASTER" he has a great ability and it is a "double hit" This ability makes him hit two hits per round, this monster has a good heart and he is 5 and he has 2 hits and also he is a very fast monster and his speed is 4.


In the fifth place I used this wonderful magician "VENARI WAVESMITH", This magician needs 5 mana caps, but he has a wonderful ability, which is "protection", I think that all players use this magician a lot in their battles because of his superpowers.
This witche has 3 heart, 1 hit force and 2 speed.

Venari Wavesmith.png

In the last position I put this defender "PIRATE CAPTAIN" This defender has a good ability and is "Snipe", this feature makes this defender hit the defenders and has good heart 3, hit 1 and speed 2.

Pirate Captain.png

Battle Analysis

I think things went perfectly and I was able to stop 3 opponent magicians from damaging my attacker because of the summoner's ability and the attacker's ability together, the plan was absolutely perfect because of the two defenders I used in the back as well.
This is the battle link if you want to watch it and give me your opinion on the battle:\

Screenshot (15).png

I hope this blog is useful and interesting to some, thank you for your time to read