From scratch to GFL #69 (Giveaway winner)

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Welcome to my "From Scratch to GFL" Series episode number 69.

This is a series that I started as a journey to see how long it will take me to get from scratch to a Gold foil legendary card in Splinterlands
I have allowed myself two level 2 summoners that I delegated from my main account.
At the moment the cheapest GFL is The CALADUUM card at $319.98

I Cannot . . .
Buy packs
Join a guild
Go under 60% ERC

I will be using for most of my purchaces, since they give sweet cashback !


Let's begin with the episode

Our quest for today is

The Earth Quest

WOW look at the prices of GFL cards. Now the cheapest one available is 300$+
Hopefully SPS will help this account catch up monetary ways.

Quest Rewards



  • 15,000 Collection Power (Enter Silver League)
  • Contessa L'ament (To lvl 2) [Then all splinters would have a lvl 2 summoner]
  • Optain a Gold Foil Legendary card (End Goal)


Giveaway winner from last post
Congratulations @roguecrane

Previous TrophiesPrevious DECPrevious Cards ValuePrevious Collection Power
Current TrophiesCurrent DECCurrent Cards ValueCurrent Collection Power

Games PlayedWinsLosses

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me if I left anything out.


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Gold cards on the market right now are so expensive that it will be wise to invest later in August.
I have a second account in Splinterlands it takes time to manage all. Have you sponsored a player to run yours?

I play on 3 of my accounts myself, and have bots on 2 more.

Impressive five accounts

At the moment the cheapest GFL is The CALADUUM card at $319.98

What? That's nuts! 😂

If you asked me to guess I would have guessed Bila.

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I use monstermarket too :)

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