My top 3 Luckiest moments in Splinterlands (Luckiest player in Splinterlands)

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I want to show you all my Top 3 Luckiest moments in Splinterlands During the 4 years I have played this game.

I love subtly flexing this in the Maverick channel on discord that I am one of the EARLIEST Splinterlands players to exist on this planet :D
I was on on Day 1.

And during all of that time I have gotten lucky multiple times.

So here are my 3 Luckiest moments in Splinterlands


3. Gold Foil Legendary out of 1 Reward

On May 19, 2019 I did a post called I just got a Golden Foiled Legendary in Steemmonsters !

But basically why this is such a lucky occurance, is that it's a GFL pull from a SINGLE reward card.
(Back then there were no reward chests, every reward slot gave you a card 100%)

And also it's a really good Gold Foil legendary to get at the time. I think it was even the BEST legendary to get.


2. Mystery Potion -> Pack -> GFL

On Jun 18, 2020 I made a post called

What happened here is I got an untamed pack from a mystery potion inside which I got a Gold Foil Legendary (Kron) and also a Gold foil rare and a summoner card.
So this pack already is insane.

But to put this into steps

  1. I bought a Mystery potion a day before this happened
  2. I opened the mystery potion the day after and got an Untamed pack from inside
  3. I opened the Untamed pack and got
    Gold Foil Legendary (One of the best ones from the pack)
    Decent Gold Foil Rare
    And even a summoner card

This is pretty lucky if I do say so myself.


1. The Triangle of Super Rares

On Oct 26, 2019 I made a post called I got myself an Archmage Arius !!! (From a 25% Mystery potion)

This day I wanted to share my excitement with the world that I had gotten a 1 out of 90 Legendary card in Splinterlands
And also it was out of an 25% Mystery potion !!

On Feb 7, 2020 I made a post called Am I one of the luckiest Splinterlands players?

On this day I got my 2nd 1 out of 90 Rare Legendary.
By then Mystery potions didn't have different chances anymore (25%/50%/100% didn't exist, every potion was 100%)

And on Aug 5, 2020 I made a post "All of them" Rare Splinterlands cards ft. Me & Mystery potions

This was the day I got my 3rd and final 1 out of 90 rare Legendary card from Mystery potions.

Am I the luckiest Splinterlands player to roam this planet?

Let me know who is luckier than me.

Thanks for reading my post


It will be tough to out luck all that.

The person who got over $700,000 USD for Splinterlands land has to qualify to some degree.


Yeah that was insane. But don't know maybe soon the guy who we call lucky, is the one who bought it 👀

Not that lucky yet but I am opening a few chaos legions packs to see if I get a GFL. I am also looking for an airdrop of a GFL summoner.

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Good luck :)

what a cards mate, very luck to get all those cards !

Thanks :)


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