Is Carnage Titan Worth it?

Short answer, Absolutely!
Let me break it down some for you guys.
He has 2 Attack, 3 Speed. 4 Attack if you count his ability Double Strike.
With 7 Armor and 8 Health, it makes him a nice and squishy Tank.
I find that he is better paired with a Tabk in the front position, or First position if you will. Here is a link to a battle I just did, basically did random cards on my end, but only because I feel confident with Carnage Titan.
I absolutely love the Reach and the Double Strike ability, especially on a Tank.
I would try to pair Carnage Titan with Byzantine Kitty as a Summoner, with Desert Dragon in the front. Followed by Carnage Titan, Scavo Hireling, a Healer (or not), and Two Magic or cards that give Debuff to enemy team. But thats my personal opinion. Cards work differently for different players. So it is best to experiment with them.


I'm still new to splinterlands, only been playing for about a week. I'm only dabbling in red and green this season, only doing a couple splinters each season till I learn the cards better. I'm excited to try this guy out next season, double strike seems pretty OP in these lower brackets

Played a few games with Carnage Titan. Worked good for me in second position. That double hit is nasty for the opponet. 😀

I agree completely @mythicalman I think he is AWESOME lol

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