Golden league, rating 2803, is there any chance to enter the top 30

in Splinterlands6 months ago

Today I reached a rating of 2803 in Splinterlands. I was wondering if I have a chance to get into the top 30 and get 4,000 DEC. Now I have 1488 place in the ranking and there are 7 more days of play ahead. I'll try to do it.



I am the owner of these cards

And I rent these cards

I think that in order to achieve my goal, I will need to rent more cards, elements of life and death.

I hope $10 is enough for me to rent cards. For the next 7 days.

My last battle

Good luck to all!


Good luck to you tooo!!!

Looking forward to your win post 😎

Верю в твой успех! Как и в рост hive!

wow. congrats and good luck in making it! 😉🤙