PLAY GOLD CARDS - PELACOR MERCENARY - Playing three golden cards

in Splinterlands7 months ago

The card can be rented or bought. Play one battle with this golden card and participate in the draw. In the comments, please leave a screenshot of the beginning of the battle and a link to the battle.


I often put this card in the very last position. Sometimes I rent a SCARRED LLAMA MAGE summoner and this card plays very well there.

Pelacor Mercenary_gold.jpeg

The winners will be chosen tomorrow. Good luck to all!


Here my battle:

Click on the image to see the battle

Mana Cap: 16 # Rules: Noxious Fumes

Congratulations! Sent you a PELACOR MERCENARY card.

Thank you so much!!!


Inexpensive and very good card, in the golden league.