Splinterland Weekly Battle Challenge Using Water Elemental

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it is another weekly battle challenge mood and this time around we are using a monster card from the water kingdom with the name Water elemental which is one of my favorite range card when making use of my water cards to battle because of the strong range and also the ability it process. let go into full details

Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
ABILITIES: Heal at level 1; Dodge at level 5

The Battle Proper

The battle was between I and @hermione in a 42 mana cap with the equalizer rule (all monster health is equal to the health of the monster with the highest base health) and also the heal out rules ( no monster is permitted to use the healing ability. The 42 mana cap is really a goal for me because I know I have the chance to make use of my strongest cards. Water Summoner all the way.


The formation started with The Almighty Kraken which is one of the strongest melee in town. My kraken is a level 3 card with the taunt, demoralize and enrage ability, people will surely want to go for this

I picked Prismatic Energy with the 8 mana cap, a magic card with the magic reflect and void ability, incase the opponent make use of a magic card with the blast ability so it can received damages also while attacking my card

next is the Ruler Of The Seas which is one of my favorite magic card with the blast, swiftness and the silence ability. the blast ability is a real deal to cause excess damage to other opponent monster cards.

The Axemaster is my new ranger monster card with the double strike ability just that I would have love it if it possess 4 range attack. it will be really nice.

Water Elemental is the real man of the battle but the rule didnt really favour it because i cant make use of the healing ability and mine didnt have the dodge ability but the strong cards i used didnt make it too hard on it.

lastly I make use of the creeping ooze with the slow ability which reduce all opponent speed by one.

the battle was really a simple one, wasnt really expecting it, i thought i will be facing a hard battle but it was a wow victory lolz, my cards didnt really suffer any damages and i really won.

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