How Long Will Prices Stay Low?

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If you've been on Splinterlands for the last few months, these are the lowest prices you've seen. These are the lowest I've seen since this past summer.

Adding 15 million pack to the ecosystem will bring the asset prices down some, but combine that with the crypto crash that seems to be happening and we could be at some of the lowest prices we'll see. And maybe... they'll never get around this price again.


How long will prices stay this low?

Basically... until Chaos Legion sells out.

When people are not selling everything they can to buy $4 packs... then things will start to go up.

It won't take long. I don't think we'll have Chaos Legion cards around for more than a couple of weeks. Then we're off to the races. It will help if the broader crypto market does better.

I also think when SPS airdrops end this summer, we could see thngs really explode.

We talk a lot about it on our latest video.

What do you think it will take get all of the assets to go up?


I think 2nd half of 2022 will be very big once the airdrop ends, sps should make a nice move im thinking.




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Love the topic and you guys along with Dwayne drive it home. Will feature/share this on my daily Splinterlands Digest and on Twitter. You and Gank have a great dynamic.