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Today is a big day for me. I've been saving for two months to get a node for our Splinterlands HQ account.

Copy of Copy of Copy of SplinterTalk Cover Photo  3.jpg

Now, we have one.

Gank and I split a node.

I am now the proud owner of half node... but I'm not stopping there.

The SPS Validator Nodes are going to be a big way to get SPS in the future, and my personal feeling is that these are great investments.

The only problem is... they are not cheap.

It took me 2 months to save up some money and sell off some Splinterlands assets to get half a node.

I wouldn't be making this move if I didn't believe in these nodes.

If you have watched any of our streams, you'll know that both Gank and I are very bullish on SPS and getting a node is putting that belief in action!

Now time to save and get more... or go full node! lol

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