Why I'm Stacking Up On These Two Cards?

in Splinterlands6 months ago

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There are two life cards that I really like, and both for two different reasons.

I play in gold and working my way up into diamond. I'm trying to max out my cards and these were two that I'm making sure I get maxed up early.

Here is why...

First, the Pelacor Arbalest...
This card is really tough with 3 attack and doublestrike. At level 7 it gets the 3rd attack. This card can be used in a lot of situations and because it is a rare, it is easier to level up.
I don't play life too often, but sometimes it is perfect for the scenario. When I do play I use the Arbalest in most battles.

Thanks to a bunch of awesome fans during my stream with Gank tonight... I maxed out my Arbalest. I appreciate the Salt Gang.

Second, Venari Crystalsmith
This is one that I do use occassionally, but I think it is one that will become more valuable as the beta tank healer is removed from the modern league. When that happens, I think this card will go up in value.

There is another tank hearl for life, but it is at max level. Most new players will need a tank heal and this will be their only option.

I know it is a Reward card and there will be a lot of cards in circulation, but in modern league, everyone will need this card and that will cause the price to go up.

I'm getting mine maxed out now and picking up extra for when modern league is put into place.

BONUS TIP - From what I understand, we'll need maxed cards for cultivating land. So that is another reason I'm doing it.

Thanks for reading!

Sorry it has been a while.