Speedpaint/ Splinterlands contest

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Hey hey Hive, Triz here!!!

prin Youtu.jpg

A few days ago I made this drawing to participate in the weekly #splinterlands contest, more than anything it was an idea for a character, it was fun to do it. Today I was able to edit the video (I admit I'm still learning that) and after several attempts I was finally able to upload it to YouTube.

I hope you can enjoy the process.

Making this drawing took me about 16 or 17 hours, I admit that making the sketch in a fairly decent lineart made things a lot easier for me when I was painting - by the way you can see the Lineart on my instagram .

Brushes _
As for brushes, I only used about 2 or 3 that come in Ps and the -finger- tool with a brush that had a little more texture

Tell me, what did you think of all this? I would love to know your opinion.

Ohhh And if you have reached this point, I thank you very much for taking the time to read me 🤗🥰😉.

See you soon Hive 😏!

These are the last drawings 👉🏼😘👈🏼

🧛‍♀️ Lira the Dark

 👉 Time Mage

💪 Splinterlands art contest

👀 Look



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Qué cosa más hermosa!! ♥
Amo la imaginación que tienes para crear criaturas!

Gracias bebé.!! 😍 Ahhahah tuve un niñez traumática, por eso la imaginación.


😞😂 si pero se le saca el lado bueno


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😍 Thanks

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Este arte realmente me gusto mucho.
Usas Paint Tool? hace mucho intente usarlo, pero el dibujo con mouse es difícil, y que también lo tengo muy abandonado, debería retomarlo, pero es que me da una pereza XD

haahahha ya me di cuenta no me lees, 😕 😭 😱 nunca lo escribo casi nunca pero en el video lo hice haha, pero para hacer la vida mas fácil, uso una tablet bambooo wacom del año de maría castaña y PS (Photoshop). Esta vieja pero aun usable,.. Dibujar con mouse es unnnnn vermoles un martirio pero @inu-jim hace sus dibujos con mouse en Ai (Illustrator) y son geniales, eso va en la practica creo, pero yo yo no le entraría. nuuuuuu, me dolería mas la muñeca

Pero puedes intentar :)

De hecho eres de las que leo mas jajaja, ya me fije XD
Intentare practicar, aunque mi gpu esta muriendo, a veces la pc me crashea y están muy caras, No se como rayos voy hacer :/

Hahaha. Veo veo! Si ☺️ creo que solo debes hacer eso. Si yo pude. Naaaáaaa tu también 🤔🤔☺️☺️👍🏻.
Coñiii pop entiendo eso , me pasaba antes y si están caras. 😣😱😱 Un ojito de la cara

Your drawings are great.

I like the passion you use to draw these absolutely wonderful arts..

Thank you very much to see!🤗😍

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Great job as always! This is different though, less illustrated and more like a concept one would fine in a game dev art. Really cool. Love it. Here for it.

Thank you very much for stopping by that place., Yes, I wanted it to be an idea.. although I spent a little bit and painted more 😳😜. I am glad to know that you liked it. It's a pleasure to see you here.

I saw your post and that was fantastic! I loved them... too bad the internet always bothers me 😔😞.