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As-salāmu ʿalaykum !!

First of all I welcome all splinterlands community to my hive blog. My post today is to participate in this week's battle weekly challenge and every week I wish to participate in the battle challenge.

My whole family likes splinterlands game so much and my son is currently in 6th class. Today my son asked me to register a separate splinterlands account for him. But I told my son that when he passes class 10th, I will create a separate splinterlands account for him, now me and my son will open splinterlands together.

So today we have played many battles together. I am very happy that my son is understanding the splinterlands game well and composes his battle lineup by understanding the principles of his splinterlands game.

Today we have won this battle together and I will try to explain the details of the lineup of this battle in detail in this post. If you are a new splinterlands player you must participate in the weekly battle challenge.


My Battle line up

It was a big mana battle. This battle had a total of 45 mana battle. I think a 45 mana battle is a big mana battle and a splinterlands player can go into battle by building the best lineup against their opponent.


I put a total of six monsters into the battlefield in this battle. I created the best lineup in the battle in all respects and the details are as follows.

OBSIDIAN RARE Earth Summoner

In this battle I chose Obsidian summoner and I chose him because I planned to choose mostly magic attacking monsters and thus Obsidian is a summoner that gives +1 to all his friendly monsters. Grants magical power, which increases the power of magical attacks. Also, this summoner is a low mana cost summoner. I have a total of four Obsidian summoners and I wish to combine them to increase my obsidian summoner level.


I put Centauri Mage on the frontline because it is a powerful magic attack monster. This magic attack monster has many abilities that make it stand out in the list of magic attack monsters. When a Centauri Mage monster is attacked by a range attack monster, this monster makes a return magic attack on the attacking monster, thus the attacking monster suffers severe damage. The health of this monster is very good which makes it able to fight strongly in battle even in heavy enemy attacks. This is the reason why I played this monster on the frontline.


Kron the Undying is a legendry magical attacking monster. I placed Kron the undying monster in second position. The main reason for choosing this monster was because it is a magical attacker. It has the ability to regenerate some of its lost health at the start of each round. Its magic attack is very powerful and this monster has excellent ability to fight from any position. The speed of this monster is also very good which allows this monster to attack the enemy. I think Kron the undying is a great choice in a big mana battle. I put him in the second position so that if the Centauri mage is quickly destroyed by an enemy target, then Kron the undying can fight on the front line.


As I told you in the beginning that I chose the summoner with magic abilities, in this battle I chose all the magic attacking monsters. Queen mycelia which is a magic queen. I placed Queen mycelia in the third position because I wanted Queen mycelia to be a safe contender for that spot. A feature of Queen mycelia is that this magical attacker provides two additional armor to all of its friendly monsters, giving all monsters a shield due to armor. The current market price of Queen mycelia is $11 dollars. I am very confident that I have a Queen mycelia monster.


The fourth monster I chose in this battle is Sporcerer. Since one of the rules of this battle was that the attack of magic attacking monsters would destroy the Armor first and thus my plan was to somehow weaken the armor of the opponent's monsters, I chose Sporcerer for this purpose. Because Sporcerer reduces the armor of all opposing monsters and thus has the ability to weaken enemy monsters from the start of battle. In addition, this monster's magic attack was also powerful and thanks to its good health, it was an excellent choice for this battle.


Spirit Hoarder, which is this week's theme monster, I put the theme monster in the fifth position because I think that Spirit Hoarder can be protected from the enemy's attack in this position and can damage the opponent's monsters for a long time. Is. In addition, Spirit horde is my favorite monster with magical abilities and it has the ability to heal the health of friendly monsters on its back line, and this monster's power makes it stand out among magical attacking monsters. Gives It retails for $5.75 and is an excellent monster.


I placed Mycelic Slipsawn in the last position because I wanted enemy monsters to target it and destroy my frontline and other monsters' enemy frontline. Because Mycelic Slipsawn is a monster that all enemy monsters try to destroy first and I also wanted my enemy monsters to attack it and not pay attention to my other monsters. Because my theme Spirit Hoarder also had the ability to heal the last position monster's health, my opposing monsters could not easily destroy Mycelic Slipspawn. Also, this monster's health, fighting speed, and attack are very strong, which is why I chose Mycelic Slipspawn for this battle.


Battle Review


In this battle, my opponent entered the battlefield with a strong summoner and had high level monsters. My opponent's name was Reeam and he formed a powerful lineup against me, but from the start of the battle, both armies fought very well.

As the first round started, the first enemy monster on my monsters, which was in the third lineup, named Djinn Apprentice, was destroyed by Mycelic Slipspawn's two armor magic attacks, followed by heavy magic attacks from both sides.

The series started. But my army blew up the opponent's front line in the first round. Thus, two of the enemy's monsters were destroyed before the end of the first round, and thus my lineup in the first round dealt a heavy blow to the powerful summoner's lineup.




In the second round, my monsters had destroyed more than half of the opponent's monsters and only one of my monsters had been destroyed.

That the victory in this battle. I will say at the end of this battle that if you choose the best lineup keeping in mind the rules of the game, your level 1 lineup can easily beat the level 4 lineup.


Battle Result/Link


it is one of the best battle and if you are new splinterlands player then hope my this battle lineup will be very much helpful to understand that how to make best lineup under these rules , my battle link is Battle Result/Link



  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

There is no doubt that my strategy 100% worked very well. i placed my every monsters in best position against the strongest opponent . my every monsters showed its best fighting skills that was only that i placed my best plan in regards of lineup . yes i would like to use THEME: SPIRIT HOARDER at different position in different rule to check its more abilities to find out.

  • Do you like SPIRIT HOARDER? Why or why not?
    i love to play with THEME: SPIRIT HOARDER in battles. SPIRIT HOARDER is short mana monster and it has great healing ability that it provide to its back line monsters. i like its healing ability because of this ability i always prefer to place in lineup .in this battle SPIRIT HOARDER proved that it is best monster against any level opponent.

now i am very much happy after writing my this week battle challenge post. i always tried to write my best battle challenge post becasue i want that my this post shold be helpful for new splinterlands players. hope you all will find my this battle lineup informative in all aspect.
thank you very much for reading and visiting my this post.


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