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Welcome To My Blog

Hi friends, wonderful to have you here on my blog. It's actually my first time here enrolling in the @ecency writing contest. Found a suitable community where I may partake in a weekly prompt.
Thanks to @melinda010100 for this amazing idea and subject.

Ever since I was a child, I had always dreamed I could cross the four walls of the nation. It may be school, vacation or even relocation which may bring me there. To be honest, with the way things are going on here, I may never return here.
And if i ever am asked where i would want to remain and live am definitely going to select Netherlands.
This nation is situated on the continent of Europe. Those that reside there speak Dutch.


One of my uncles who lived there really spoke a lot of excellent things about it. Their weather, economy and a lot more. I have truly hoped he took me with him but I know he has much of a duty on him.
The weather is not too severe, meaning not too old.

The primary reason why I adore the nation is how wonderful they are when it comes to medical practitioners. It is one of the top nations with excellent medical schools and hospitals that will aid my career.
After university, I am still contemplating going there to pursue my masters there to gain more knowledge.

Thank you for reading


Never question intuition. Go with it.

Nice! would absolutely love to live in the Netherlands for other reasons. I'm in the music industry and they have very advanced intellectual property laws in the Netherlands.

Hope you make it!

Wow that's nice
It will really favour you living there
Soon you will have money to visit any country you want 🙏

Yay! 🤗
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I've only visited the Netherlands, but think you would certainly find it a lovely place to be! Do you speak Dutch?

No I don't but will learn when i get there

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Did you decide in which city of the Netherlands you would like to di your master's studies?

Not yet
I think when when it's time i will apply for scholarships in their universities over there