What I Dislike In Hive/Ecency

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Mohamed Abdelghaffar

Good morning dear friends. How is your weekend going? It's another prompt for the #ecencycontest. This time, the prompt is not an easy one. To get what one really dislikes about hive/ecency may be quite difficult. Hence, this may warrant critical thinking before putting pen to paper. Here is my take on this.

Upvote and Look Away

One aspect that everyone or nearly everyone in the hive blockchain may agree with is the very little support you get from whales or communities. After one has taken extra effort to put out a good piece, the upvotes may not come as supposed.
The most annoying could be that one would see other users work on the blockchain that is not a detailed as yours, being upvoted massively. I think this area should be looked into very cursory.
This singular act has discouraged many content creators who ought to remain here to seek support elsewhere. That may not be a good excuse to leave the blockchain though, one may perceive it as an act of partiality.

On the other hand, what you notice on this same matter is that people of the same nationality support each other irrespective of quality content or materials.
I feel that Hive.io and the other frontends that are attached to Hive can adopt a strategy to checkmate the use of upvote because it now looks like the winner takes it all, meaning that the whales or communities with huge voting power are at liberty to upvote whoever they dim.

Ecency Points and Their Usage

I have had issues with using my hard-earned decency points and that has broken my heart severally. I love to use the agency front because every comment or upvote or reblogging and whatnot I do from there is rewarded, I think that is the selling point of decency. My dislike for #ecency in recent times is that though I own my decency points, it has become disturbing not to be able to boost my posts.

Each time I find that I am not getting upvoted after a series of engagements on other people's blogs, I resorted to boosting posts with my even point but what I get in return is a refund of the point and my post unsupported. This I dislike.
The same thing goes for promoting my post too.

Social Discrimination

I know you may be surprise at this but it is true. As said elsewhere in this post, people only support people they know and are of the same nationality with them. Hence, quality content which ought to be the basis for reward is no.longer considered. I dislike this. In a just and egalitarian society like Hive/ecency, social discrimination in the area of supporting quality content should not be encouraged.

However, we should know that Hive/ecency is a wonderful place and one can gain financial freedom when they do the right things.

These are my few and thoughtful dislike for Hive/ecency while hoping that the changes will come pretty soon.


This was beautifully written. Using ecency boost sometimes can be difficult. When everyone is trying to use their points at the same time, there would be traffic and a strain on the system. This could be one reason why it gets difficult sometimes but the good thing is that, your points are always reversed.

Thank you for the post! You made me look at Hive/Ecency from another angle💙

Yes, they should remove the boost posts feature. It is becoming useless. What is the damn point of earning many Ecency points for that? Promote posts is the only one working.

Ecency curators would love to honor every single boost request. But the @ecency account gets so many requests for boosts that it quickly runs out of Voting Power and the only choice is to refund your Points. Ask for minimum boosts on your newly created Ecency published posts and curators will do their best to give you a boost. Keep your fingers crossed for the price of Hive to go up!

This last statement has revived me, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I think many of those same nationality, same community votes are simply voting trails. I joined a couple when I was new, because it was recommended to do so. But I left them quite soon since I realised I had no control over what was voted on.

Good luck in the contest! 🍀

Hi @mrenglish I can see you boosted 3 posts with 500 points and 1 of them isn't posted with Ecency and 2 of posted with Ecency but not new posts. I curated 1 of them. But don't forget always use new posts and try to boost with smaller amounts. And our curators usually don't prefer to curate posts that aren't posted with Ecency.

Thank you for curating my post, I will ensure to post using decency with smaller points.
Thanks, again.