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When I tell people I would love to travel out of the country, the first thing that comes to mind is absconding. Traveling out of your home country doesn't mean you want to run away; some people travel out to explore and gather new experiences. It is a means of seeing what other cultures are like and what other countries possess.

I was glad when I saw this prompt because I have been waiting for an opportunity to write about the country I would love to live in except for my home country. Growing up, just like any other child, my dream country was America. Whenever I saw a plane pass by, I always looked up and said, "That plane will take me to America." When I came of age, I had another point of view about the country I wanted to live in.

During my search for a country with a good educational plan for international students, I came across Canada as one of the best countries for such students. This made me fall in love with the country. Canada is a country that supports international students and helps make learning and working easier for them. It has a serene environment for studying and also has a low crime rate.

Canada offers easy study permits, a high standard of living, affordable living costs and tuition fees, no age barrier, diversity, international recognition, good and quality education, a safe and peaceful environment, and great work opportunities. We all dream of a better life for ourselves and our generations to come, and that is why no one will jeopardize any opportunities to live in a more comfortable country. Looking at all these points, living is made easy, which is why I decided to pick Canada as the country I would want to live in.

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Thanks for your time on my blog and your comments will be appreciated.


I hope your dream and aspiration comes through my American aeroplane darling... Good piece dear

I'm glad you have such a glowing view of my country. Living here I see both the best and worst of my county but the more I hear of other places the better Canada looks. It's a huge place though with people and places that are all diverse. If ever you come here let me know... maybe my wife and I can say hi...

Or just give ideas on the best places to see 😉

Wow, no problem,I'm planning on coming soon

I should I've been there since January but my visa application was denied. I got an admission to the University of Manitoba.

I wish you the best of luck coming to Manitoba. I'll assume you'd be going to Winnipeg? It is an awfully long way from where I live (about 2325 km) which is about the total distance across Nigeria...twice...and that's not even halfway across the country.

If ever you have questions about the country and settling in here send me a message (or a bunch of them). Canada can be an odd place for immigrants but I know many immigrants here and typically they are happy....Once they settle in and figure out how the country works.

Again, good luck!

Thanks a lot for your hospitality, I appreciate it. I just pray it works out this time.

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Dreams come true! And I am sure you will get an acceptance to the university in Canada you want :)