My cat Agatha 🐱💜

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She is my cat Agatha, she is 6 years old. When I adopted her she was sickly and very thin, her size was like the palm of my hand, no one wanted to adopt her because they did not see a future for her, since I saw her I felt a very beautiful connection, then I wanted to give her all my love and take her home with me, and behold now she is a very healthy kitty, a beautiful chubby, full of much gratitude and too much love towards me. She has been in very difficult moments of my life and it surprises me how unconditional she is. She always seeks to be by my side and is very tender, and although she is shy with people she is also friendly and affectionate. I love her with all my being and she is too important to me and I know that feeling is mutual. 🐱💜


Huh mi reina que buena fotografia se ve delgada gatorsa jajajajaj

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En serio... Amas a esa gata y amas la fotografía.... Hiciste el milagro de convertir a la gorda en una gata ligth.... Jejejeje.. un abrazo