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Wow! So much has happened since Hard-Fork number 22 in the old chain and last March 20th, that until now we had enough time to inform the community supporting our witness, about the current status of the nodes we manage under your trust. We hope that no event will happen in the future that will prevent us from informing again the state of affairs of your representative personified in @cervantes.

Our apologies for this...



Our banner in support of the Spanish-speaking community of #Hive has been, is and will be the curation of content. Our curators have total independence over what they choose according to their own tastes and convictions. There are eight curatorial accounts assigned to different people around the globe, of different nationalities, but with the native Spanish language as an inalienable common requirement. These accounts support a range of publications from 50 to 65 daily.

They are human beings, who have this high responsibility; they feel, suffer, have problems, happy moments and a great etcetera. They are NOT BOTS, they do the manual work, they check the feed with patience in search of publications in Spanish (with the tag #spanish), which represent the values and high principles of our language. Of course they do the healing thoroughly and for that they have written their criteria, namely:


The witness @cervantes manages a server at Discord in order to guide the Spanish-speaking community on best practices in #HIVE, educate through live programs, provide an informal meeting point among authors, in short, a site for everyone.

Original Content

The themes of the moment, global anxieties and days of international observance are dealt with on a weekly basis, by the magnifying glass of authors committed to expressing the thoughts, attitudes, reflections and learnings that can come to human consciousness, through writings from their own pen. The rewards generated by these publications are distributed among their creators. With the support of @steempress, the latest writings brought by the pen of Original Content have been:

Science Magazine

At Cervantes Science we have not stopped publishing (of course, Science never ceases to amaze us), a space that has become a reference point and where collaborators have been able to bring in everyday scientific topics and treat them in a digestible way. With the support of @steemstem and the same mechanics of distributing rewards among creators, the latest issues available and topics covered:

Witness Zone

A live program, where the Spanish-speaking community participates, conducted by the users @tomastonyperez and @alexaivytorres who manage the times, the audience and the questions to the representative of our witness @cervantes, the user @pgarcgo. Over the course of an hour and often biweekly, a lot of information about our network is covered, news and entertainment is made available to the Hispanic community in a relaxed atmosphere, with music, events, awards and much more. The program is recorded and uploaded to the witness's YouTube channel, so that people who do not attend are informed. The most recent program is available at the following link:


Recently, our counselor, @loreennaa, put her newly acquired programming skills to the service of the community and brought the world to: Moderator-hive, a naughty but hardworking son who helps sort publications in the publications promotion rooms. On a weekly basis, the moderation team agrees with the curators and selects a few posts from the daily rounds to support users who participate in the Discord. Latest moderation reports available:

Cervantes Presents

The witness @cervantes continues to promote knowledge among authors, through the publication of Cervantes Presents. A prerequisite but necessary to get out in a number is: to be a constant user for at least 90 days in the blockchain. Once the prerequisite has been met, the interested party must fill out the form from which the team will collect the information to be published. Keep in mind that there are always people in line, please be patient. The last ones to be presented:

Bloque 64

Block 64 was devised as a digital news broadcast medium, in Spanish, without censorship, decentralized by nature of origin, that is, mounted on the #HIVE blockchain. A token called BLQ rewards the contributions of news authors. The vision is to return to the independent press, that which is not afraid to do TRUE journalism, detached from the centers of power, favoring local news over the large conglomerates that shape public opinion.

Multiple users have contributed to the project's progress. As every blockchain undertaking, it has had its ups and downs and, today, it seems to take a new impulse from the hand of a multidisciplinary team that has as its tutor @pgarcgo and is made up of the users: @fermionico, @alexaivytorres, @diazrock, @ilazramusic and @kevinml07. Here is the latest news about the project:

Social Networks Traditionals*

The witness @cervantes, aware of the importance of promoting the blockchain of #HIVE beyond our borders, has updated ALL of its channels in traditionals social networks and has added an account in the Telegram network named: Hive Hispano; in order to incorporate Spanish speakers who use this application on their mobile phones, as an alternative option due to the limited access to traditionals social networks in some regions of the planet
We have also reactivate our twitter account and we are continuously pushing hive related information and news to our spanish speaking followers.

*traditionals: those networks that do not run on blockchain

HIVE and fork 23

We wrote it at the beginning of this publication, from the moment the community was informed of the sale of the 20% stake of #Steem to TRON Foundation, on February 14th, until finally, on March 20th, the master nodes of #HIVE started to synchronize new information, even, until several days later to achieve the complete stability of the chain, the witness @cervantes has not stopped working. It was a long night of sleeplessness, discussions and debates with the fork's leading group that worked very discreetly, to obtain the results that are in sight today.

It has been very hard to get so many people to agree and align them under one premise: the result must be a decentralized chain OF TRUTH. Only time will reveal the outcome of 40 days that will go down in the history of blockchains with DPOS governance; but what you can be sure of is that the witness @cervantes worked feverishly to consolidate #HIVE, along with a group of more than 60 community members who made up the task force.

During this time we were interviewed by a well-known spanish speaking cripto-news site:

And create some other videos to inform the spanish community such as this one:


Shortly after the successfully completion of HF23 (which was a complete success in terms of network continuity) we migrated the whole server infrastructure (1 main server, two backup servers and one seed) to hive.

What's new?

We will resume two activities that we had paused for the reasons given above:
  • Re-launching of "Live Curations", a Sunday space hosted by Juan Miguel Salas and streamed by Twitch.

  • Webinars and educational podcasts are back, with a large team of specialists who will discuss different topics: music, crypto-currencies, doubts about Hive, medicine, science, in short, for all tastes! and within the community channel in Discord.

Hardfork 24

We are collaborating with the hive-core development team mainly on testing tasks to prepare HF24 and secure the transition. Given to the computer engineering background of @pgarcgo we are planning to deep deep diving on the core graphene/c++ architecture to not only perform test/review of upcoming hardforks but also to actively contribute in developing new features.

At @cervantes we continue to work by and for the Spanish-speaking community of #HIVE

Yours sincerely, the cervantes witness team.

A work with the awareness of the high responsibility delegated, by the Hispanic community. Thanks to the support of @cervantes, hundreds of users see their editorial efforts rewarded. Thank you for your support!

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We are working. Go Cervantes!

Es de admirar su impecable trabajo, muchachos.

¡Vamos por más, que sí se puede!

Hi there,

I have two questions:

We are collaborating with the hive-core development team mainly on testing tasks to prepare HF24 and secure the transition

What kind of testing tasks exactly? Are they visible?

Given to the computer engineering background of @pgarcgo we are planning to deep deep diving on the core graphene/c++ architecture to not only perform test/review of upcoming hardforks but also to actively contribute in developing new features.

As far I as can say, @cervantes is a t20 witness for years. What blocks you to actively contribute to the blockchain features or participate to testing/reviewing?

Im running a local (empty ) testnet with the latest version of 0.24.0 branch. Specifically my latest test were related to simulate a fork and see if the update of the new chain_id is cousins some problem Next I would like to test the new voting delaying mechanism also on my local testnet. The test units seems to pass successfully on my end. On our side, in order to be able to implement new features we need to keep deep diving into the code which, thanks to the more transparent community development process in hive, it’s becoming a easier task (on steem times, the core development discussion were kept quite internal). If you want we can have a chat or a call and I explain you exactly what I’m up to lately (I’m @pgarcgo, by the way) and what I would like to do to regarding c++/graphene/hive. On steem time was quite difficult, by the way, to be part of core development activities since it was almost a steemit inc exclusive task.

Good report, very thorough. Let them follow the improvements and advances in favor of the Hispanic community and its cultural production. Greetings, friends of @cervantes.

Excelente trabajo @cervantes Estoy seguro de que la percepción de la comunidad hispana sobre la labor realizada es positiva. Gracias a @pgarcgo con todo el equipo. Felicitaciones.