Top 30 Organic Engagement through Comments - 19-06-2020

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On Hive, we talk a lot about engagement and some of our top authors and stakeholders are also taking lots of initiatives to create more engagement on the Hive blockchain. Engagement comes through reading many posts from other others and adding valuable comments on their posts. I wanted to pull out this data every day from the blockchain and make a post so that authors who are adding more comments and engagement will get motivation.


Top 30 Commenter with filter

119 Jun 2020@creativemary123132660.473
219 Jun 2020@jlufer59151380.467
319 Jun 2020@chrisrice5157240.076
419 Jun 2020@galenkp5079640.061
519 Jun 2020@jaynie4937020.042
619 Jun 2020@starstrings0148102840.094
719 Jun 2020@sacra974776220.052
819 Jun 2020@steemflow4679870.436
919 Jun 2020@steevc4580080.364
1019 Jun 2020@johannpiber41145320.112
1119 Jun 2020@meesterboom3951050.188
1219 Jun 2020@maxwellmarcusart3822890
1319 Jun 2020@melinda0101003850270.002
1419 Jun 2020@kaminchan3751150.072
1519 Jun 2020@silvertop3754220.011
1619 Jun 2020@alucian37124820.424
1719 Jun 2020@maxer273719100
1819 Jun 2020@crysis3617860.023
1919 Jun 2020@dswigle35393630.141
2019 Jun 2020@artemislives35102300.093
2119 Jun 2020@aurodivys3143740.005
2219 Jun 2020@marybellrg2949960.079
2319 Jun 2020@tarazkp2858510.029
2419 Jun 2020@brittandjosie2874390.01
2519 Jun 2020@trincowski2840530.09
2619 Jun 2020@sketch.and.jam2833010.031
2719 Jun 2020@reza-shamim2711460.064
2819 Jun 2020@cmplxty27104390.068
2919 Jun 2020@ph11022764310.193
3019 Jun 2020@mayvileros2749320.003

To start with I had to do lots of manual review work to get rid of the accounts that are either an automated commenting account or spam accounts that add random comments to spam. I came up with the below list of accounts that I have ignored from my report above.

@hivebuzz, @actifit, @tipu, @beerlover, esteemapp, @bdvoter.cur, @vimm, @hivewatcher, @hivewatchers, @pinmapple, @qurator, @likwid, @sor31, @fgh87, @jkl65, @vmn31, @w95hj', @xcv47, @x6oc5, @asd09, @zxc43, @w7ngc, @wiv01, @pixresteemer, @russellstockley, @investinthefutur, @c-squared, @yakovinvest, @dsc-r2cornell, piratedice, questbot, @anonramblingscom, @upvotebank, @hiveghost, @cheetah, @steemmonsters, @puncakbukit, @commun,, @surpassinggoogle, @innerblocks, @naturalmedicine, @incrediblesnow, @travelfeed, @opb, @misterengagement, @discovery-it, @u89gw, @dw38h, @f76wz, @hk14d, @indiaunited, @nesomi

But the below section will have the complete list without any filter that will also include accounts from the above list.

Top 30 Commenter without filter

119 Jun 2020@hivebuzz7625203010.285
219 Jun 2020@actifit2316656960.286
319 Jun 2020@tipu216578990.072
419 Jun 2020@hivewatcher205501350.002
519 Jun 2020@beerlover197966280.004
619 Jun 2020@creativemary123132660.473
719 Jun 2020@pinmapple64398300.047
819 Jun 2020@complaints-1622334300
919 Jun 2020@jlufer59151380.467
1019 Jun 2020@nesomi561972180
1119 Jun 2020@chrisrice5157240.076
1219 Jun 2020@u89gw5122200
1319 Jun 2020@hk14d5121710
1419 Jun 2020@f76wz5120630
1519 Jun 2020@vmn315021530
1619 Jun 2020@fgh875023080
1719 Jun 2020@jkl655022310
1819 Jun 2020@wiv015022310
1919 Jun 2020@sor315021920
2019 Jun 2020@w95hj5020140
2119 Jun 2020@complaints-3501882500.011
2219 Jun 2020@zxc435021200
2319 Jun 2020@galenkp5079640.061
2419 Jun 2020@w7ngc5023980
2519 Jun 2020@yakovinvest5021330
2619 Jun 2020@x6oc55021240
2719 Jun 2020@xcv475023050.005
2819 Jun 2020@dw38h5020430
2919 Jun 2020@asd095020840
3019 Jun 2020@jaynie4937020.042

The intention of this post is to showcase some of the authors showing good engagement in the Hive community. I'm posting these stats every day so that whales and high stakeholders can have an eye on them and reward their posts and comments.

Congratulations to @creativemary, @jlufer, and @chrisrice for reaching First, Second and Third positions yesterday in organic commenting.

If you find any discrepancy in the above list or any accounts that are not supposed to be in that list, please let me know in the comments.

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I get sad when i don't see my name.. But what can i do??

You cannot do much. You have to increase the number of comments you are making every day. That is the only way to increase engagement. 😀

I guess so