Top 30 Organic Engagement through Comments - 28-07-2020

On Hive, we talk a lot about engagement and some of our top authors and stakeholders are also taking lots of initiatives to create more engagement on the Hive blockchain. Engagement comes through reading many posts from others and adding valuable comments on their posts. I wanted to pull out this data every day from the blockchain and make a post so that authors who are adding more comments and engagement will get motivation.


Top 30 Commenters with filter

128 Jul 2020@anonymouser76156060.077
228 Jul 2020@poshtoken7652620.009
328 Jul 2020@chrisrice6689230.092
428 Jul 2020@chekohler62137370.522
528 Jul 2020@creativemary5854260.101
628 Jul 2020@jaynie54142990.105
728 Jul 2020@nathanmars5242710.259
828 Jul 2020@papilloncharity4883650.091
928 Jul 2020@galenkp45112220.248
1028 Jul 2020@brittandjosie4493490.078
1128 Jul 2020@trincowski4445120.07
1228 Jul 2020@cryptoknight124328890.233
1328 Jul 2020@johannpiber43103140.091
1428 Jul 2020@jlufer41110010.074
1528 Jul 2020@riverflows4082510.22
1628 Jul 2020@fredkese3912050.002
1728 Jul 2020@janaveda38107740.217
1828 Jul 2020@kaminchan3750590.087
1928 Jul 2020@pixiepost3585490.042
2028 Jul 2020@artemislives35111500.24
2128 Jul 2020@justclickindiva3587630.029
2228 Jul 2020@phortun3437180.187
2328 Jul 2020@maxwellmarcusart3424960.001
2428 Jul 2020@sacra973254210.025
2528 Jul 2020@ace1083134310
2628 Jul 2020@flaxz3034840.054
2728 Jul 2020@woelfchen29110330.759
2828 Jul 2020@d-zero2818630.111
2928 Jul 2020@vanje276420.432
3028 Jul 2020@dswigle26183140.005

To start with I had to do lots of manual review work to get rid of the accounts that are either an automated commenting account or spam accounts that add random comments to spam. I came up with the below list of accounts that I have ignored from my report above.

@hivebuzz, @actifit, @tipu, @beerlover, esteemapp, @bdvoter.cur, @vimm, @hivewatcher, @hivewatchers, @pinmapple, @qurator, @likwid, @sor31, @fgh87, @jkl65, @vmn31, @w95hj', @xcv47, @x6oc5, @asd09, @zxc43, @w7ngc, @wiv01, @pixresteemer, @russellstockley, @investinthefutur, @c-squared, @yakovinvest, @dsc-r2cornell, piratedice, questbot, @anonramblingscom, @upvotebank, @hiveghost, @cheetah, @steemmonsters, @puncakbukit, @commun,, @surpassinggoogle, @innerblocks, @naturalmedicine, @incrediblesnow, @travelfeed, @opb, @misterengagement, @discovery-it, @u89gw, @dw38h, @f76wz, @hk14d, @indiaunited, @nesomi, @complaints-1, @complaints-2, @complaints-3, @complaints-4, @complaints-5, @complaints-6, @complaints-7, @complaints-8, @complaints-9, @planktonsupport, @co-mplaints-12, @adventureready, @com-plaints-14, @ecency, @currentxchange, @holybread, @hivegc, @diyhub, @wallet-kabil

But the below section will have the complete list without any filter that will also include accounts from the above list.

Top 30 Commenters without filter

128 Jul 2020@hivebuzz6766236810.21
228 Jul 2020@actifit2859512310.034
328 Jul 2020@beerlover204981490.192
428 Jul 2020@tipu191477750.023
528 Jul 2020@hivewatcher126302650
628 Jul 2020@holybread8171250.039
728 Jul 2020@anonymouser76156060.077
828 Jul 2020@poshtoken7652620.009
928 Jul 2020@chrisrice6689230.092
1028 Jul 2020@chekohler62137370.522
1128 Jul 2020@creativemary5854260.101
1228 Jul 2020@investinthefutur5764260.288
1328 Jul 2020@jaynie54142990.105
1428 Jul 2020@nathanmars5242710.259
1528 Jul 2020@pixresteemer51322490.014
1628 Jul 2020@pinmapple50385650.131
1728 Jul 2020@asd0950132150
1828 Jul 2020@papilloncharity4883650.091
1928 Jul 2020@ecency47206850
2028 Jul 2020@galenkp45112220.248
2128 Jul 2020@brittandjosie4493490.078
2228 Jul 2020@trincowski4445120.07
2328 Jul 2020@cryptoknight124328890.233
2428 Jul 2020@johannpiber43103140.091
2528 Jul 2020@c-squared41266430.121
2628 Jul 2020@jlufer41110010.074
2728 Jul 2020@riverflows4082510.22
2828 Jul 2020@fredkese3912050.002
2928 Jul 2020@janaveda38107740.217
3028 Jul 2020@dsc-r2cornell38159390

In addition to the daily top commentors, I thought it would be ideal to list out the top voters as well. Below is the list of top 30 voters from the chain without any filters.

Top 30 Upvoters without filter

128 Jul 2020@laissez-faire3617
228 Jul 2020@limka1054
328 Jul 2020@d-pend942
428 Jul 2020@steemitboard535
528 Jul 2020@tonimontana.neo480
628 Jul 2020@payroll467
728 Jul 2020@livingfree460
828 Jul 2020@hiveyoda457
928 Jul 2020@created455
1028 Jul 2020@tombstone443
1128 Jul 2020@pixelfan441
1228 Jul 2020@mys429
1328 Jul 2020@dpend.active401
1428 Jul 2020@toni.pal396
1528 Jul 2020@epicdice396
1628 Jul 2020@idkpdx391
1728 Jul 2020@accelerator374
1828 Jul 2020@fengchao370
1928 Jul 2020@hivelist368
2028 Jul 2020@jlsplatts357
2128 Jul 2020@justinparke354
2228 Jul 2020@fbslo352
2328 Jul 2020@splatts350
2428 Jul 2020@arcange342
2528 Jul 2020@raphaelle340
2628 Jul 2020@toni.ccc330
2728 Jul 2020@fun2learn329
2828 Jul 2020@maxuvd327
2928 Jul 2020@hivebuzz311
3028 Jul 2020@hivemachine308

Top 30 Downvoters without filter

128 Jul 2020@spaminator522
228 Jul 2020@dein-problem465
328 Jul 2020@hivewatcher177
428 Jul 2020@informativebot36
528 Jul 2020@theycallmedan26
628 Jul 2020@buildawhale21
728 Jul 2020@flag.god.bot19
828 Jul 2020@netaterra18
928 Jul 2020@stimialiti16
1028 Jul 2020@gniksivart16
1128 Jul 2020@fersher15
1228 Jul 2020@m2015
1328 Jul 2020@curatorpal14
1428 Jul 2020@brianoflondon14
1528 Jul 2020@leocurator14
1628 Jul 2020@nathanpieters10
1728 Jul 2020@btcvenom10
1828 Jul 2020@themarkymark10
1928 Jul 2020@ihal00019
2028 Jul 2020@technologix9
2128 Jul 2020@snoochieboochies9
2228 Jul 2020@gabrielatravels9
2328 Jul 2020@smallearth9
2428 Jul 2020@greencmetaha9
2528 Jul 2020@joshman9
2628 Jul 2020@joshmania8
2728 Jul 2020@ew-and-patterns7
2828 Jul 2020@ctime7
2928 Jul 2020@r351574nc36
3028 Jul 2020@yggdrasil.laguna5

The intention of this post is to showcase some of the authors showing good engagement in the Hive community. I'm posting these stats every day so that whales and high stakeholders can have an eye on them and reward their posts and comments.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the list.

If you find any discrepancy in the above list or any accounts that are not supposed to be in that list, please let me know in the comments.

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I'm in the middle of the table again! Nice, nice! 😁

Man, you are so consistent. Cheers!

Yay, my first time on one of your lists. It feels soooo goooood! :D

That's great. Good to see you there. Cheers!

Woo hoo! Congratulations to everyone on the list! Thank you for including me. 🙌🔥💜

Great work. Cheers!

None shall escape the long arm of Nathan

Ha ha ha. 😀

Posts like this @bala41288 are great for educating us about what is happening on our Hive blockchain. "The numbers don't lie" is an old saying ...

Thank you for the investment of your time putting it together!


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Thank you so much for your curation and valuable comment. Yes, engagement keeps the blockchain alive and I completely agree with that quote. Numbers are always motivating. 🙂

Thank you very much for this overview. I am also on the list, and I am very happy.

Great to have you on that list. Cheers! 🙂