Daily Hive Stats Report - Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Welcome to my Hive Stats Report for Tuesday, July 6, 2021. All data is collected directly from the Hive blockchain and is based on UTC time.

1. Daily number of Posts (including comments)



2. Daily number of votes


DateTotal votesDownvotesPercent downvotes

3. Daily accounts transacting


A 'transacting account' is a Hive account that made at least one transaction on the Hive blockchain. This can be a vote, post, comment, transfer, power up or HBD conversion. Users who only read from the Hive blockchain without interacting are not included. The actual number of 'Active users' is therefore much higher than the accounts transacting.

DateAccounts transacting

4. Posts + Comments per post


DateAverage # commentsPosts

5. New accounts created


DateNew Accounts

Who created the new accounts yesterday

AccountAccounts created

6. New communities created


DateNew Communities

Newest communities:

7. Daily Amount of HBD converted to HIVE


DateAmount in HBD
2021-07-0554,913 HBD
2021-07-0437,283 HBD
2021-07-0332,070 HBD
2021-07-0237,124 HBD
2021-07-015,975 HBD
2021-06-30187 HBD
2021-06-29589 HBD
2021-06-28697 HBD

8. Daily Amount of HIVE Powered UP & DOWN


DatePowered UPPowered DOWNDifference
2021-07-0560,710 HIVE89,504 HIVE-28,794 HIVE
2021-07-04220,297 HIVE81,582 HIVE138,715 HIVE
2021-07-0317,594 HIVE306,391 HIVE-288,797 HIVE
2021-07-02218,183 HIVE106,072 HIVE112,111 HIVE
2021-07-012,580,049 HIVE82,082 HIVE2,497,967 HIVE
2021-06-3013,225 HIVE187,851 HIVE-174,626 HIVE
2021-06-2947,746 HIVE91,293 HIVE-43,547 HIVE
2021-06-2831,011 HIVE96,399 HIVE-65,388 HIVE
Average p/d87,232 HIVE155,871 HIVE-68,639 HIVE

Largest 'Power ups' yesterday

Date & TimeFromToHIVE
Jul 5, 11:45@disconnect@disconnect32,000.000
Jul 5, 10:57@ecency@ecency5,000.000
Jul 5, 14:38@fedoraonmyhead@fedoraonmyhead2,999.724
Jul 5, 22:18@darthknight@darthknight2,121.227
Jul 5, 11:02@yehey@yehey2,088.000
Jul 5, 02:53@darthknight@darthknight1,895.027
Jul 5, 13:28@futuremind@futuremind1,047.723
Jul 5, 09:07@project-exodus@project-exodus1,000.000
Jul 5, 16:14@nupulse@nupulse1,000.000
Jul 5, 12:14@birdwatcher@birdwatcher821.251

Largest 'Power downs' yesterday

Powerdown startedAccountHIVE
Apr 12, 18:58@tim8,031 HIVE
May 10, 16:24@brucutu4,706 HIVE
Apr 12, 18:57@tim14,343 HIVE
Apr 12, 18:57@tim24,032 HIVE
Apr 12, 18:57@tim33,572 HIVE
Apr 12, 18:56@tim53,430 HIVE
May 10, 04:32@roelandp3,351 HIVE
Apr 19, 10:10@intacto3,115 HIVE
Apr 12, 18:56@tim43,100 HIVE
Apr 12, 07:26@steempress2,651 HIVE

9. Daily HIVE transfers


DateHIVE transferred
2021-07-054,498,613 HIVE
2021-07-045,742,153 HIVE
2021-07-0320,313,132 HIVE
2021-07-026,998,520 HIVE
2021-07-015,601,578 HIVE
2021-06-30652,691 HIVE
2021-06-299,231,172 HIVE
2021-06-2815,577,598 HIVE

10. Daily HIVE Transfers from and to exchanges


Transfers from one exchange to another are excluded.

DateTransfers to exchangesWithdrawals from exchangesDifference
2021-07-05209,193 HIVE69,739 HIVE139,454 HIVE
2021-07-04158,109 HIVE69,511 HIVE88,598 HIVE
2021-07-03343,004 HIVE93,006 HIVE249,998 HIVE
2021-07-02214,362 HIVE457,282 HIVE-242,920 HIVE
2021-07-01841,304 HIVE82,179 HIVE759,125 HIVE
2021-06-3096,012 HIVE114,531 HIVE-18,519 HIVE
2021-06-29280,384 HIVE427,509 HIVE-147,125 HIVE
2021-06-28513,536 HIVE551,921 HIVE-38,385 HIVE

Deposits and withdrawals by exchange yesterday

Binance649,832 HIVE1,360,669 HIVE-710,837 HIVE
Bittrex86,045 HIVE3,175 HIVE82,870 HIVE
Huobi163,904 HIVE183,544 HIVE-19,640 HIVE
Upbit1,235,567 HIVE457,019 HIVE778,548 HIVE
Probit293 HIVE162 HIVE131 HIVE
Ionomy668 HIVE127 HIVE541 HIVE
GateIO81,342 HIVE73,501 HIVE7,841 HIVE

Largest transfers yesterday

Date & TimeFromToAmount
Jul 5, 00:25@user.dunamu@hot.dunamu606,412.093 HIVE
Jul 5, 00:35@deepcrypto8@binance-hot272,395.401 HIVE
Jul 5, 14:19@binance-hot@user.dunamu215,352.054 HIVE
Jul 5, 21:58@binance-hot@user.dunamu213,312.950 HIVE
Jul 5, 00:18@user.dunamu@upbitsteem203,300.359 HIVE
Jul 5, 00:17@binance-hot@user.dunamu201,705.433 HIVE
Jul 5, 21:58@user.dunamu@upbitsteem170,366.835 HIVE
Jul 5, 10:03@binance-hot@user.dunamu159,926.042 HIVE
Jul 5, 00:24@hot.dunamu@deepcrypto8159,535.856 HIVE
Jul 5, 11:20@deepcrypto8@binance-hot116,551.066 HIVE

11. HIVE & HBD details

HIVE supply382,950,867 HIVE
HBD supply10,693,111 HBD
HIVE virtual supply414,493,966 HIVE
Vested HIVE / HIVE Power141,273,372 HP
Non-Vested HIVE241,677,495 HIVE
HBD in the DHF4,324,647 HBD
HIVE in the DHF73,007,133 HIVE
HIVE price$0.326
HIVE base feed price$0.339

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Great Report, thanks!

Not so great comment.

Not surprised to see a boost in voting. Lots of people cashed in on the rewards to be had. Some making huge amounts, but that will be over soon. Now we can get on with real curation.

And the real commenting. But most people still do not comment. Most of the comments are still bot comments. I see posts with 4-5 bot comments, but 0 human comments.

I have more comments than post, i believe not all people comment but those who do, help a lot.

You see, feeling the audience give you a confidence that youre going on the right path, posting goood stuff and growing, but hive tends to be a walk in the dark, sometimes your post is so low voted but ends up winning a contest for being the best of the bunch, and you find that the only diference is the comments, those who read it, commented and LOVE IT.

So maybe now people don't comment, it's true, most people don't event read, but those who read, comment, and those who comment are a great support.

I just told my case with a post i did on a contest on Cinema&tv, my post was literally the least voted, but got a small bunch to comment, event on live curations i got a lot of people talking and a couple decided to watch it.

What else can we do, but comment? Good bye <3

I've been one of the most active commenters as I find it fun and it has built me a following. Hive is not just about money for me.


I want to get 24 bear and the pizza amount to start giving cans and slices on comments hahaha, Is amazing but commenting is something that goes a long mile if you do it with your hearth.

I want to get 24 bear and the pizza amount to start giving cans and slices on comments hahaha

I give you some !PIZZA.

Thank you, I hope you can let go of that negativy you write, i know the goal is far away from us, but we gotta try it don't we? If not this will become another steem...

Thank you, I hope you can let go of that negativy you write, i know the goal is far away from us, but we gotta try it don't we?

All I do is trying since 2017.05.17. It is hard not to be negative after more than 4 years of trying. It is negative, but it is truth. The only way to let go of this is to see a socially active platform, but the Steem/Hive blockchain is not really a socially active place. At least nowadays. Hopefully it will be in the future.

If not this will become another steem...

To be honest, I do not really see any practical difference between the two. This is literally another Steem. At least for me as a user.



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Have more !PIZZA

Omg nice, thank you, pls stop now XD



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Hey @jesustiano, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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They are missing out then as it seems my votes on comments are worth more now :) If people are not getting human comments then they need to figure out why. It's about your connections and your content. Post something controversial about Hive if you want lots of comments.

Or else, try reaching out yourself, i have learn that sometimes, you gotta be the firts to talk, i have done it event on my post, tag people that have commented on older post and have show concert about my wife and our pregnancy(High risk, it's people from motherhood community), so is not much but why people stay quiet, this is a social network afterall.

this is a social network afterall.

Precisely! With the economics of Hive not everyone can make a lot, but if they are as social as on other platforms they can make something whilst having fun. They will comment on Facebook for a 'like'.

And they would do it for literally nothing on Instagram, it's a true argument about the value of things, basically, people save resources on hive like is gold, because is "worth" some money, but let's be honest, is it truly worth that much? I rather use hive as a social network and make time to comment on the post I loved, to talk with people, and to make contacts, followers and occasionally friends.

this is a social network afterall.

Theoretically yes. Practically does not look like one.

What does it look like? I remember the before of facebook and it was quite similar, but willout cryptos.

Specially my space, it was bloggin with comments and that was it. Tumblr become the reshare world, and twitter was the web to post when you go to the bathroom and more meaningless things...

The time before facebook was weird. But it was not that much different, and the "Non facebook" were also similar... So what social network are you comparing this to?

What does it look like?

Honestly? A ghost town. An abandoned place.

So what social network are you comparing this to?

For example YouTube. Even the smallest YouTubers (or even the occasional video uploaders) are getting real human comments. And original, genuine comments. You can clearly see that the commenters are there for the content. This cannot be said about the Steem/Hive blockchain.

A ghost town... hard description on it. But i guess is valid.

I get your point, but maybe it will take more time, who knows?

Thank you for this information @penguinpablo




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After reading the report I am glad that your information in this post is very good.

What are you talking about? Besides the spike in voting, which is simply good, nothing is very good in this report.
Everything is the same since long months.

Yehey power up will continue ...
Bought a new witness server with my hive.

By the way, do you have a script to grab all hive blockchain data and save to the database e.g. MongoDB so I can learn to produce statistic using python or similar program?