Hive DAO Stats - Monday, March 22, 2021

Welcome to my Hive DAO Stats Report for Monday, March 22, 2021. All data is collected directly from the Hive blockchain and is based on UTC time. For more info about the Hive DAO check out the 'proposals FAQ' on

1. Payouts from the DAO to workers


DateHBD paid
2021-03-2112,735 HBD
2021-03-2012,735 HBD
2021-03-1912,735 HBD
2021-03-1812,735 HBD
2021-03-1712,735 HBD
2021-03-1612,735 HBD
2021-03-1512,735 HBD
2021-03-1412,735 HBD

Who has received funding in the past 7 days

WorkerHBD paid
@hbdstabilizer50,319 HBD
@fullalt.dhf13,978 HBD
@lordbutterfly11,322 HBD
@peak.proposals2,761 HBD
@ecency2,446 HBD
@howo1,922 HBD
@keychain1,398 HBD
@hivechain.app1,153 HBD
@inertia933 HBD
@hivesql699 HBD
@hivesearcher489 HBD
@good-karma489 HBD
@martibis454 HBD
@hivewatchers454 HBD
@hive.loans293 HBD
@spaminator35 HBD

2. Daily returned to the DAO (due to the return proposal)


DateHBD returned
2021-03-211,641 HBD
2021-03-201,481 HBD
2021-03-191,342 HBD
2021-03-181,207 HBD
2021-03-171,066 HBD
2021-03-16931 HBD
2021-03-15796 HBD
2021-03-14674 HBD

3. Additional funds

The funding is generated from an extra inflation. 10% of all newly generated HIVE goes to the DAO. The price of HIVE has a large impact on how much new HBD is added to the Hive DAO.

DateHBD added to the DAO
2021-03-213,479 HBD
2021-03-203,369 HBD
2021-03-193,079 HBD
2021-03-183,046 HBD
2021-03-173,087 HBD
2021-03-163,133 HBD
2021-03-153,117 HBD
2021-03-142,967 HBD

4. HBD converted from HIVE

A small part of the Hive tokens in the DAO is being converted to HBD daily.

DateHBD added to the DAO from HIVE conversions
2021-03-2116,136 HBD
2021-03-2016,067 HBD
2021-03-1914,340 HBD
2021-03-1814,116 HBD
2021-03-1714,200 HBD
2021-03-1614,516 HBD
2021-03-1514,523 HBD
2021-03-1413,912 HBD

5. Beneficiary rewards from posts

Authors can choose to share (a part of) their post rewards with the DAO. This chart shows how much was shared with the DAO on a daily basis.

DateBeneficiary rewards in HBD
2021-03-1620 HBD
2021-03-1224 HBD
2021-03-113 HBD
2021-03-10104 HBD
2021-03-0933 HBD
2021-03-082 HBD
2021-03-066 HBD
2021-03-050 HBD

6. Daily budget (1% of all HBD available in the DAO)


Datebudget in HBD
2021-03-2114,376 HBD
2021-03-2014,216 HBD
2021-03-1914,077 HBD
2021-03-1813,942 HBD
2021-03-1713,802 HBD
2021-03-1613,666 HBD
2021-03-1513,531 HBD
2021-03-1413,409 HBD

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What caused that big spike from around the middle of February?

The proposal by @hbdstabilizer to stabilize the value of HBD at 1 usd.

Thank you. I was inactive on the Hive blockchain for months. I recently started to be active and consistent on the Hive blockchain again.

Hive is burned during conversion to HBD in the DHF. Could you add a graph of how much has been burned over time (and a graph of overall Hive supply)?

I only track HBD in the DHF. I have a chart showing the amount of HBD added to the DHF from Hive conversions (see # 4 above), but not the other way around.

I've just started paying closer attention to the proposals. Can I ask how the payouts occur? Is it a manual payment (made by who?) straight into someone's Hive account or by a different means please?

It's automatically given every hour. You can check who's getting funded over here: It comes from's wallet Its an account nobody controls but people with stake in hive can control where the funds go by voting on proposals.

The account has over 76 million HIVE. Are these HIVE somehow accessible? How they can be used?

The Hive in that account gets converted to HBD every hour, and that's used to send out to the whatever the DHF is funding.

@rishi556, thanks for the answers but you might have created yourself a lot of work on this thread! I have to ask, why create HBD to pay the DAO fund and then buy back Hive? This all sounds more and more bizarre lol!

The DHF pays in HBD so that it pays proposals in a more stable form (to avoid under/over-rewarding for the work being done).

The stabilizer proposal is taking advantage of the current over-priced value of HBD on the market: 1 HBD = $1 dollar worth of Hive, but HBD is trading for around $1.3 to $1.5 right now. But the DHF is able to produce HBD from Hive for only $1 (it's true worth). So the stabilizer is creating HDB for $1 worth of Hive, selling it for 1.3 to 1.5 dollars worth of Hive, then sending the purchased Hive back to the DHF. In practice, I think this ends up reducing the supply of Hive (Hive is burned).

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