Hive DAO Stats - Thursday, June 25, 2020

Welcome to my Hive DAO Stats Report for Thursday, June 25, 2020. All data is collected directly from the Hive blockchain and is based on UTC time. For more info about the Hive DAO visit

1. Payouts from the DAO to workers


DateHBD paid
2020-06-242,501 HBD
2020-06-232,501 HBD
2020-06-222,501 HBD
2020-06-212,501 HBD
2020-06-202,501 HBD
2020-06-192,501 HBD
2020-06-182,501 HBD
2020-06-172,501 HBD

Who has received funding in the past 7 days

WorkerHBD paid
@blocktrades6,989 HBD
@justineh3,495 HBD
@netuoso2,970 HBD
@howo1,922 HBD
@keychain1,398 HBD
@good-karma489 HBD
@themarkymark140 HBD
@anyx105 HBD

2. Daily returned to the DAO (due to the return proposal)


DateHBD returned
2020-06-242,511 HBD
2020-06-232,516 HBD
2020-06-222,520 HBD
2020-06-212,525 HBD
2020-06-202,529 HBD
2020-06-192,533 HBD
2020-06-182,537 HBD
2020-06-172,542 HBD

3. Additional funds

The funding is generated from an extra inflation. 10% of all newly generated HIVE goes to the DAO. The price of HIVE has a large impact on how much new HBD is added to the Hive DAO.

DateHBD added to the DAO
2020-06-242,041 HBD
2020-06-232,040 HBD
2020-06-222,040 HBD
2020-06-212,040 HBD
2020-06-202,049 HBD
2020-06-192,069 HBD
2020-06-182,068 HBD
2020-06-172,069 HBD

4. Beneficiary rewards from posts

Authors can choose to share (a part of) their post rewards with the DAO. This chart shows how much was shared with the DAO on a daily basis.

DateBeneficiary rewards in HBD
2020-06-233 HBD
2020-06-2225 HBD
2020-06-216 HBD
2020-06-205 HBD
2020-06-1926 HBD
2020-06-183 HBD
2020-06-1716 HBD
2020-06-160 HBD

5. Daily budget (1% of all HBD available in the DAO)


Datebudget in HBD
2020-06-245,012 HBD
2020-06-235,017 HBD
2020-06-225,021 HBD
2020-06-215,026 HBD
2020-06-205,030 HBD
2020-06-195,034 HBD
2020-06-185,039 HBD
2020-06-175,043 HBD

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