Weekly report: How much HIVE is stored on the exchanges? - October 7, 2020

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The charts below show how much HIVE is stored on each exchange where HIVE is listed.

Most (if not all) exchange have temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals of HIVE due to the upcoming hard fork.

Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange!

HIVE stored on all exchanges


HIVE stored on Huobi


HIVE stored on Binance


HIVE stored on Bittrex


HIVE stored on Upbit


HIVE stored on Bithumb


HIVE stored on Probit


HIVE stored on Ionomy


HIVE stored on MXC


HIVE stored on Ethereum (WHIVE)


How much HIVE is currently stored on each exchange?


ExchangeBalanceLast weekChange%
Huobi35,762,076 HIVE35,823,514 HIVE-61,438 HIVE-0.2%
Binance34,921,693 HIVE35,519,620 HIVE-597,927 HIVE-1.7%
Bittrex15,179,130 HIVE15,121,759 HIVE+57,371 HIVE+0.4%
Upbit15,107,026 HIVE15,537,753 HIVE-430,727 HIVE-2.8%
Bithumb16,000,355 HIVE14,449,803 HIVE+1,550,552 HIVE+10.7%
Probit80,807 HIVE84,136 HIVE-3,329 HIVE-4.0%
Ionomy17,915 HIVE35,228 HIVE-17,313 HIVE-49.1%
MXC50,811 HIVE32,883 HIVE+17,928 HIVE+54.5%
Ethereum (WHIVE)66,026 HIVE66,724 HIVE-698 HIVE-1.0%

Total amount of HIVE stored on all exchanges: 117,185,839 HIVE
Total HIVE supply: 371,389,212 HIVE
Non-Vested HIVE: 231,872,647 HIVE

  • 31.6% of the total supply is stored on the exchanges.
  • 50.5% of all non-vested HIVE is stored on the exchanges.

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I like your rule #1👍 everybody should follow this wise idea

I thought, I would buy some more hive from Huobi, and transfer, but seems like they don't have deposit / withdrawl enabled. Do you have any idea, why is so ?

Comparing the price, I see Bittrex price are higher than Huobi. I have not tried Binance yet, but which is the good one that we can use for buy ? I have already used Bittrex.

Most (if not all) exchange have temporarily disabled deposits and withdrawals of HIVE because of the upcoming hard fork.

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I sent you a message on openhive.chat :)

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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