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RE: Weekly report: How much HIVE is stored on the exchanges? - July 13, 2022

To complement what @demotruk rightly says, I would like to invite you to consider reasons for keeping your Hive off an exchange and how much "hotness" might be interesting for you.
Keeping just the "posting key" hot allows you to post, vote, comment but no financial transactions. If you also let the active key "hot" then you become an investor, and you might be interested in "powering up" ("staking" in other blockchains) and then reading my last post to learn about the possibilities.


Hi @sorin.cristescu! Thank you for complementing what @demotruk said!

I basically enter active because "powering up" and things like that. Posting for obvious reasons, but I don't know what the Memo key is for or if I should enter it at all.

Memo key is the least important in the hierarchy of keys. It's used to sign and encrypt "memos" (messages). To send an encrypted message you start a 0.001 transfer and in the "memo" field you precede your text with a hash key: #. This will instruct the software to encrypt the message with the public memo key of the destinatary

Wow, enrcipted messages? 😮

I don't even know where to start with that? Messages, between users or just strictly when making a transfer?

Sorry I ask so many questions. This is a whole new world to me!