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RE: Hive vs Steem Stats - Saturday, April 3, 2021

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Unsurprisingly activity goes up on both as the token prices rise. We've seen some extra abuse on Hive, but a lot is being dealt with. I did glance at Steem and some accounts are really milking rewards with little interaction. Good to see Steempeak is being phased out.

I still wonder what all the new Hive accounts are doing as they do not seem to lead to as much activity as you would hope. I think people are hoarding them.


Who is abusing? I have downvotes I dont use that can help a tiny bit

This is one of a group of accounts spamming the system. They just got some huge votes that need cancelling out.

On the music side of things at HIVE, I see some newbees making a true effort to create cool posts. Also, some artists that I classify belonging to the top of quality music, singing, playing and whatnot. So happy to see this! Few enter the engaging side of things: Great! But, many dropping posts only though. I also see returning users now the $ value is up. So strange, since one could make more HIVE per post when HIVE $ value was rock bottom and reap the rewards when HIVE $ value is higher as it is now. Strange way of looking at things. I also see valued returning HIVE users dropping multiple posts a day with some up to 5 and more a day, in essence to milk the system using their auto voters. I also see some of the higher value auto voters not re-organising their auto votes based on content quality. Some of them are our top witnesses.

Great to see more users. Great to see returning users. Great to see more posts. Overall the absolute number of quality posts did increase last period. But, we still have a long way to go before monetised blogging can be called a success :)

I've noticed returning users when compiling a list of active Brits here. Some will try to milk rewards and those giving auto-votes need to set limits. The account I have supporting small accounts only gives them up to 10 votes per week. I would very rarely post more than twice in a day. I don't want to abuse the good will of those who support me, but of course some are mainly out for what they can make.

I have a very similar view as to you! Don't even have too many auto voters, actually a few with not more than 1$ of value. But even when I would not have auto voters at all, I would not post more than a post a day. In recent weeks/months I barely reach 1 post a week. I simply can't post something that is created quickly. Whenever I try, the post becomes a time-consuming task over and over again :) I shall pick up engagement again. Get the 'sleepers' woken up and support people like you to increase the comment count per post.

Yep, on STEEM the high SBD price is farmed, so delegate everything to upvu and only vote yourself with it ... There you do not need social interactions xD

I'm all out of Steem and not buying my way back in. They censored my account, so I want nothing to do with it.