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RE: Hive vs Steem Stats - Saturday, April 3, 2021

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More, but still very low. The average number of comments per post should be much more. Many posts do not even have comments at all. Or they have only bot comments.


I think interaction is actually high compared to the user base . I have 50k followers on Instagram and get about as many comments here on Hive with 3000 followers. The issue is growing the userbase.

Many comments are bots, I believe (have no figures). I open about 100 to 150 posts a day in my curation round, and many carry either no comments, or bot comments. Interaction is done by a few heavy engagers. I've experimented with this earlier this year. Dropped many meaningful comments to many posts I opened in my daily rounds. At least half of them responded. Then I stopped dropping comments. Result: most of these users I lost touch with and many of these accounts never wrote a comment anymore since then. Even when these users should realise I gave them 2$ then, and 8$ vote value per vote. My conclusion: Many users do engage, at least respond to comments to their own posts, but one needs to push them over and over again. Its a small army of engagers who need to wake up the big army of post droppers, over and over again. Sometimes I get the feeling HIVE will be better of with content rewarding on 2nd layer, while the base layer shall become a general purpose chain without any service rewarding other than the running the chain itself, proposal system (maybe, but that system is used wrongly since day 1).