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RE: Hive vs Steem Stats - Saturday, April 3, 2021

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The average number of comments per post is going down, but the daily number of users that are posting is going up. Both on both of the blockchains.

Almost everyone is focusing on their own posts, and not on caring about and supporting each other. If the people would focus on supporting each other, these blockchains would be literally become life changer for the most people. The cryptocurrencies would worth much more.

But the majority of the users are selfish and greedy. The ROI (return on investment) is more important to them.
They turn these blockchains into investing based platforms, and not into social networks, where the people would team up with each other.

Imagine investing love, care and time, instead of money.
That way would be better for everyone.


Oligarchical structures - supported by sycophantic midwits...what do you expect? lol

Yes. The Steem blockchain and the Hive blockchain perfectly described. But that dream would be scary and frightening, not "fantastically boring".

Oh, I dunno.....the only thing I find scary or frightening about it, is the discovery that there are so many shades of gray (and not is sexy way).

This depends on the viewpoint. The people, who only say "money, money, money" is just one shade of grey, because they are all the same.

The level of sycophancy, alters the shades, imo...

It seems to me that it gets darker and darker , the more sycophancy that's involved ( it's gets increasingly boring) ...but that my perspective.

Yep but to be expected when the price starts to rise; more people post and only so many comments to go around. What we need to do is expand the user base. A lot of those steem posts are automated also; so its not a fair comparison really.

That's because the change to 50/50 rewards caused an inverse incentive against Proof Of Brain concept, whereas people are incentivized to just buy Hive, power it up, follow any curation trail that constantly votes a lot daily, and profit form no work. 50/50 rewards is the wrong incentive.