Yes, it could be that too. Then the comparison with steem would lead to a different inference: less developers (of comment bots) on steem than on Hive :-)

Which is good. There is no point/meaning in comment bots. People should comment.

I would be more nuanced. We all want the platform to be successful, and none of us has yet discovered the recipe for success. And we can't even say for sure where this recipe will come from ... If hive is about freedom (of expression, among other things), then who am I to restrict the freedom of whoever took the time to write or configure a comment bot ? Who knows, perhaps it is someone who starts by writing or configuring a comment bot today who will tomorrow come up with the brilliant idea that will bring 1 000 000 daily active users to the platform ... So "let a thousand flowers bloom", like the Chinese proverb goes ...
I might not see much point in comment bots but the person who spent time and effort writing one certainly has seen a point. As long as he doesn't restrict my freedom, I think it wouldn't be nice for me to try to restrict his freedom