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RE: Hivefest day 1 + solving bugs issues.

in Polish HIVE6 months ago

Woooot what a great initiative.

I'm so sorry for the issue caused. Quoting from my email today with some solutions to entering the other rooms:

Unfortunately for some of you the HiveFest Badge computer is showing a big fat spike and frowning emoji. Trust me in real VR it looks supershiny with a live connection to the Hive Blockchain showing actual blocknumber, witness en TX count. And then everybody wears a badge.

I'm sorry, some bug caused on some version of the AltspaceVR software in combination with a certain Windows type, RAM, system, i don't know what is causing this.

Solution 1: How to get your Hivebuzz Badge

  • In any of the HiveFest worlds, during the event today, make a selfie. You can find your selfie later in your AltspaceVR account under "photos". Then submit that picture to [email protected] with subject: "Requesting Hivebuzz Badge for roelandp". Then we will get you setup with that shiny HF 5 Hivebuzzbadge asap.

Solution 2: How to enter all other HiveFest Events Worlds (visit on the web, Favorite or RSVP so you find them inside your apps menu):


Cool, thanks for all the information in the comment. Had troubles as well with the VRrooms, and eventually got it all working, except the presentations did not show and the presentors voices I couldn't hear. So I reverted to some live stream through Twitter. I'll give AltVR another try today, for sure. Otherwise I'll revert to one of the livestreams.

BTW, great performance of yours. Liked the joking parts, though some of the presentors didn't pick it up. Maybe cultural, or you going to fast hahahaha Keep it up and go with a similar style in todays session!

Thanks for the links! I wasn't able to get to the Photobooth yesterday at all.
And I will definitely do the selfie trick if the registration doesn't work today as well. Thanks for setting everything up :)