MISSING Twilight's feet


I keep painting you in orange
About the face that is present that is not eroded by time
The feeling that is engraved in the soul
Longing for a beautiful meeting

The night will soon come
Replacing beautiful with black and dim
But I still have time to write poetry
Before the twilight is killed on the lonely terrace





I don't know how many twilight I enjoy orange
While your existence is only stated in prayer
I seem to have forgotten the meaning of a smile
While my mind is tightly embraced by grief



Do you still tie your smile there
I feel the same longing at the foot of the twilight
Sometimes my smile breaks
Painting your greeting in a tinge of orange color

I stare far away at the cloud curtain
Slowly closing the twilight with darkness
My gaze was instantly deprived of disappointment
Realizing logic in a fantasy

See you tomorrow dear
The same sunset that I will rock
Keep holding me in your heart
So that I don't get tired of looking at the sunset as your face