Titans Madden 22 Highlight Clip + Titans Content

Ah yes, Madden 22. I had such great times playing this game, and will continue to do so for awhile until I can afford Madden 23. Probably a month or two till I get it bought and downloaded.

I also am losing my PlayStation Plus account for the time being. Soon as this money starts flowing in, I will buy Madden 23 and a whole year of PlayStation plus. It shall be glorious.

In the meantime, I might just play career mode on Madden, like the good old days. Hopefully I'll still be able to share content despite not having the PlayStation plus account.

But yeah, here is just a solid Madden 22 highlight clip!! Fun times!!

Hopefully Treylon Burks can fill A.J.'s void in Madden LOL.

Here's a Madden 23 Preview video. Man I wish I had a PS5. Maybe with this job I can afford one soon!! Maybe. I want bigger things than a new console. But ya never know!

I'm still a bit nervous about Malik. I want him to be good, and he's obviously pretty beastly, but I get nervous about the longevity of Malik due to his scrambling playstyle. But he is a good thrower of the ball, the Titans and Malik need to just keep on working his pocket passing skills I guess.

I'm a bit surprised that everyone in the football world seems to be liking what they see from Malik! Maybe they're seeing something I'm not. But hey, the dude is a ROOKIE. I should have faith he will only improve!

I guess it's just weird too because the Titans still have Tannehill, and Malik was a third round pick at the end of the day. I hope the Titans take their time and really coach him up!

I do believe the Titans have a solid program and are developing a wining culture and tradition! Malik couldn't have found a better team to land on and develop him.

PRESEASON GAME 2 THIS WEEKEND. Hopefully Malik improves and makes some more plays! Hopefully Treylon shows up a bit more. #TITANUP