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Accidentally posted this in the Titans community. This is just a general blog post, not meant for the Titans community. Anyone else having problems with peakd.com?

Felling a bit tired, but otherwise life is good. My son's here being forced to basically be live streamed school because of Covid bull. But it's nice to have him with me. He is handling it well and I'm proud of him. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I showed him 'Spy Kids', a classic kids action/adventure movie from 2001. The 'Spy Kids' movie franchise was huge when I was his age. He seemed to enjoy it, and the movie brought back a lot of nostalgia. It was great to share something like that with my son. I plan on showing him Spy Kids 2 soon. I plan on finishing up the Marvel universe as soon as I can, but I'm just in no rush.

Doing these Harry Potter wordsearches have been surprisingly fun and satisfying. Relaxing. A wordsearch is a simple, sometimes mildly difficult task that's perfect to me. It seems to relieve stress. In a world where everything is fast and technology driven, instant gratification, a simple wordsearch just hits the spot for some reason. I feel like wordsearches soon will be a forgotten activity, maybe it won't go extinct but I don't exactly see them as a booming industry, ya know? The words being Harry Potter themed makes it all a lot more fun too.

I might find more Harry Potter themed word searches, maybe look for other cool themes, who knows. I just love the simplicity.

Unofficial Harry Potter Wordsearch #2


Hive on folks.


OMG, if you like crossword puzzles, you should check out this funny movie called "All About Steve!" about this lady that is a Crossword Puzzle designer. That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw your post. haha

Hahaha that's great, I will give it a look!! I appreciate the info :)